Picture of Fabric fridge Magnets for children

I get this idea in grandma’s visit. My baby love to play with her magnet ladybird. But the thing is small and I was always scared that she could put the magnet in her mouth.

My idea is to have a fabric pictures with magnets so she could play with them, this type of magnets are soft and much bigger then grandma’s ladybird.
The bad think is that they need a hand washing after a while. 

I plan to make a magnet chalk board, that she could play with the magnets and use a chalk board for pictures also. But for now I need to found blackboard paint so we play with magnets on our radiator.

Step 1: You will need:

Picture of You will need:
You will need: 
1. fabric with print of your choice
2. padding
3. fabric for the back
4. small square fabric for sewing a magnet to the back fabric
5. magnet
FeeBeeDee5 years ago
These are great! I love the ones on your blog too. Do you have an Etsy site? These would sell really well there. This is mine if you want to check it out: http://phoebedea.etsy.com
I print designs on fabric. It's very easy. I'll post an instructable soon, Here is a good one: Inkjet Fabric Printing
but if you want to wash the fabric, you should soak it in Bubble Jet Set 2000 first. Then your print will be permanent!
miklavcic (author)  FeeBeeDee5 years ago

Thanks. For now I have just a DaWanda Shop.

How wonderful!  I am going to make these for my nephew, who should be coming into the world in a matter of hours now!! :D

Great job, great instructable!
miklavcic (author) 5 years ago
Thanks all for so positive comments. I wish you will have time to make them for yourself, because you will enjoy playing with them.
ChrysN5 years ago
So cute!
So adorable!  I bet toddlers would adore these.