Why not give your Mom a unique decorative fabric panel to hang on her wall for a Mother's Day gift; some added embellishments gives it a nice personal touch.
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Step 1: Materials:

I picked up some fabric from the "remnants" pile at a fabric store, which cost about $5 with enough left over to make a second panel. The picture frame was just $1.25 at a dollar store. The beads, thread, and buttons I had lying around at home, making this a fairly inexpensive project (shh, don't tell Mom it was so cheap!)

  • Pretty fabric
  • Picture frame (I used a certificate frame, 8.5X11in)
  • Thread, needle, scissors
  • Buttons, beads, ribbon, lace, embroidery thread, grommets (what ever you can think of to add to your fabric).

You can make these as large or small as you'd like; poster size would look great, or how about several small matching 5X7in frames.

Step 4: Covered button

Covered buttons are cute and will add a neat 3D effect to the flower centre, I also added some french knots to this flower as well (see step 6 for french knots).

  • For this, you will need a button with a shank.
  • Cut a circle of fabric that is large enough to cover the button and fold over the inside too.
  • Sew (running stitch) around the edge of the circle of fabric.
  • Pull the ends of the thread like drawstrings, and knot the thread tightly.
  • Sew button in place.

imakeit5 years ago
Fabulous creation! Great work, like the pattern and colors!
ChrysN (author)  imakeit5 years ago
Thanks, I was really happy I found this fabric.
I like this a lot! Going to try it next week! :-)
eetzel5 years ago
This was not a "cheap" gift - you are very talented
ChrysN (author)  eetzel5 years ago
ACDmommy5 years ago
Love the fabric. Does it have a name? I'd love to find something similar.
ChrysN (author)  ACDmommy5 years ago
It is called Dharma/Hip by Robert Allen, here is a link:

I bought it from a fabric store that deals mostly with upholstery fabric.
ashleyvelez5 years ago
very awesome! you taught me how to do a french knot :) I love your work
ChrysN (author)  ashleyvelez5 years ago
adidame5 years ago
I did something like this without the embellishments. I like what you did!
ChrysN (author)  adidame5 years ago
Cool project, using ceiling tiles is a great idea and a nice way to store jewelry.
Excellent instructable! Beautiful project. Thanks for sharing.