Fabricate an Elegant Chandelier from Paperclips

Picture of Fabricate an Elegant Chandelier from Paperclips
"Your cubicle's answer to a garish lifestyle!"

Hi-Ho Instructabrarians!

Have you ever wanted a chandelier for your home (or office) but lacked the thousands of dollars to buy one?  Well today you're in luck because I will be showing you how simple it is to make your own for less than $20*, and right from your cubicle!  Introducing Paperclip Chandelier!  

*regional differences may apply
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Step 1: Design/ Inspiration

Picture of Design/ Inspiration
The inspiration for this Chandelier Paperclip came from a lot of different sources, but one of the basic structure was inspired from ReDesign's Etsy Limited Edition version.  I loved the woven feel of it and was disappointed that almost no (Free) documentation existed online for it anymore.  So, in the spirit of Instructables, I decided to create my own through reverse engineering!

Of course i also added my own flair once I completed it.

Step 2: Materials: Guess.

Picture of Materials: Guess.
Basically this is a very inexpensive project and you really only need four things:

  • Box 1000 Paperclips (Two of them)
  • Bendable Ornament Wire
  • Four different sizes of metal rings (I used a wreath frame) 
  • Circular Picture Hanging kits vs Giant Paperclips (depending on where you hang it)
  • Wire Cutter

However, two things I must stress for this project are Time and Patience.  This is not necessarily an extremely complicated project, but it is very time consuming (I had to finish mine in 3 days).

Step 3: Lattice Structure Building Pt 1

Picture of Lattice Structure Building Pt 1
OK, let's get things started!

Basically the way a paperclip chandelier is set up is like an interwoven net of paperclips, jointed onto three or four separate metal rings.  

To create this initial net, begin by taking three paperclips and chaining them all together so they form a Y.  Continue with this step until you have at least six different Ys. 
ctoppari2 years ago
viajante2 years ago
Yay! Thanks!
GASSYPOOTS3 years ago
i wish i could send u a patch D:
Mzukisi3 years ago
Oh that`s cool bro. just keep on doing the greate work, i believe it`s your gift

susanrm3 years ago
The wreath frames are a good idea, but you could make it even prettier by spray-painting them to match the color of the paper clips you are using.
SHIFT! (author)  susanrm3 years ago
Indeed. I was also thinking of using multicolored paperclips too, for the festive season
For slightly more money LOL You could include a few Svorski crystals for random glitters of colour and to look less like a fish basket repurposed ^_^ Or even an old broken necklace of glass beads.
SHIFT! (author)  prince-of-weasels3 years ago
True true, but I'm a Paperclip Purist. If it ain't 100% made of paperclips, it ain't a paperclip chandelier.
Crispie J3 years ago
I live in an apartment where I can't change light fixtures, etc, so am looking for interesting, economical, non-permanent ways of jazzing up the existing ones. This is fantastic!! Thanks so much for posting this.
SHIFT! (author)  Crispie J3 years ago
You are very welcome Crispie J! I think one of the best things about this project is that all of your necessary resources really cost less than $5 each (depending on where you go). Plus, it's easy to store and looks lovely in any home decorum.
kraysak3 years ago
i made this Chandelier
SHIFT! (author)  kraysak3 years ago
Nice! Mind if I ask you a question, how did you get it wider in the middle than at either ends? Was it just stretched across the ring or did you add more paperclips?
kraysak SHIFT!3 years ago
men mi english sux :(, but here are a picture whit more quality... just look the picture and u will have the answer
agis683 years ago
that's epic job....but reminds me the fishing baskets for fishing lobsters and fishes....anyway great job...if it fails like a lamp then you can usethem to catch some fishes....hahaha
foobear3 years ago
Magnificent and meme-worthy
SHIFT! (author)  foobear3 years ago
What's the meme? :)
foobear SHIFT!3 years ago
It's its own meme! Well done
paqrat3 years ago
gwebisu3 years ago
IT'S REALLY STUNNING ---and I note that if it fell on top of you it wouldn't crush you like those glass ones
SHIFT! (author)  gwebisu3 years ago
I was always afraid our glass one would do that. So glad we switched to stringed.
gwebisu SHIFT!3 years ago
your use of a multi-ringed wreath fram to get the different sized rings was brilliant and economical at this time of the year
sunshiine3 years ago
Beautiful Shift! You did such an amazing job! Thanks for sharing.
SHIFT! (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks Sunshiine :)
bajablue3 years ago
In a word: Friggingawesometastic! ;-D
susanrm3 years ago
Super duper!!