Step 8: Close Off the Bottom

Now it's time to safely close the bottom of this paperclip chandelier.  For this exit, I used a pair of pliers to fashion a small metal ring from my Giant Paperclips I got from Staples.  Be extremely careful and make sure all of the paperclip points connect to it evenly. Your basic shape is already done!
Beautiful. <br>
Yay! Thanks!
i wish i could send u a patch D:
Oh that`s cool bro. just keep on doing the greate work, i believe it`s your gift <br> <br>
The wreath frames are a good idea, but you could make it even prettier by spray-painting them to match the color of the paper clips you are using.
Indeed. I was also thinking of using multicolored paperclips too, for the festive season
For slightly more money LOL You could include a few Svorski crystals for random glitters of colour and to look less like a fish basket repurposed ^_^ Or even an old broken necklace of glass beads.
True true, but I'm a Paperclip Purist. If it ain't 100% made of paperclips, it ain't a paperclip chandelier.
I live in an apartment where I can't change light fixtures, etc, so am looking for interesting, economical, non-permanent ways of jazzing up the existing ones. This is fantastic!! Thanks so much for posting this.
You are very welcome Crispie J! I think one of the best things about this project is that all of your necessary resources really cost less than $5 each (depending on where you go). Plus, it's easy to store and looks lovely in any home decorum.
i made this Chandelier
Nice! Mind if I ask you a question, how did you get it wider in the middle than at either ends? Was it just stretched across the ring or did you add more paperclips?<br>
men mi english sux :(, but here are a picture whit more quality... just look the picture and u will have the answer<br><br>http://i54.tinypic.com/30lnrqb.jpg
that's epic job....but reminds me the fishing baskets for fishing lobsters and fishes....anyway great job...if it fails like a lamp then you can usethem to catch some fishes....hahaha
Magnificent and meme-worthy
What's the meme? :)
It's its own meme! Well done
IT'S REALLY STUNNING ---and I note that if it fell on top of you it wouldn't crush you like those glass ones
I was always afraid our glass one would do that. So glad we switched to stringed.
your use of a multi-ringed wreath fram to get the different sized rings was brilliant and economical at this time of the year
Beautiful Shift! You did such an amazing job! Thanks for sharing.<br>Sunshiine
Thanks Sunshiine :)
In a word: Friggingawesometastic! ;-D
Super duper!!

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