Step 11: Grinding, Deburring, and Applying Stove Paint

Picture of Grinding, Deburring, and Applying Stove Paint
To complete the fabrication on the rocket stove, remove all sharp exposed edges, deburr all surfaces, and surface grind all weld beads. To protect the exposed steel surfaces and weld beads, apply two evenly spread coats of black stove paint. Do not use regular spray paint for this step, or it will bubble and burn during use. High temperature stove paint is required to adequately protect all outer surfaces. Allow 2-3 days of drying time before firing up the stove for the first time.
Dockbob3 years ago
I don't understand how this is a rocket stove. There doesn't seem to be anyway the secondary gases can join the flame. It appears to me to be a very nice insulated wood stove.
oking Dockbob3 years ago
I second your question.