Step 5: Mark Middle

Fold ironing board cover in half.

Mark middle of the wide side of the board with a pin.
<p>I used these instructions and they are great. As I was flipping my ironing board over to measure, it basically fell apart - the bolt holding the legs together came out and I saw it was rusting underneath. Yuck. So I bought a new (better) board on craigslist for cheap and this cover still fit!</p><p> I used a bodkin to pull the elastic through the bias since I didn't want to risk sewing the elastic. </p>
great instructible! I just made my own cover with a little help from you. my favorite part=the buttons on the ends of the elastic, brilliant! <br> <br>My cover is a little different, however. I didn't need the fleece lining, my ironing board has a padding my granny had put on it. Also I didn't have bias tape, so I cut the fabric extra big, then folded the fabric over 2x and stitched to make a self casing for the elastic. oh, and I did a gathering stitch just around the pointy end before sewing the casing. (it was like making a really big puffy sleeve!) <br>Before measuring and cutting I got my fabric wet and machine dried it, soo glad I did, it shrunk a lot. I used &quot;duck cloth&quot; which comes in such cute prints now.
Hmm, I went stupid and messed up adding the photo!
Thanks! That was very easy to follow!<br> <br> I had bought a cheap mini ironing board for my sewing room, and while it's fine formy needs, it was covered with this cheap, thin muslin that was starting to fray when I&nbsp; took it out of the box. And it was just stapled on, so there was no way to take it off to clean it.<br> <br> I found the fabric for $1 at the Goodwill, and I think it's a huge improvment.<br> <br> <div> <a href="http://s1090.photobucket.com/albums/i367/arcadeabby/?action=view&current=board.jpg" rel="nofollow"></a></div>
I was so frustrated!!! My ironing board cover was all goofed up because I put a hot iron on stuff that melted. I needed a new cover, but none of the standard ones you can buy on Amazon fit!!! I am going to get going on this right now!!! Thank you for such clear directions.
This is great I can't wait to get started. Your instruction are so easy and I like the material you used. You can really see everything very clearly.<br>Thank you. <br>M from Wyoming
When I have made an ironing board in the past , I have used bias fabric for the feature material to get e really snug fit. The only downside of doing this is that it takes more material. it is well worth it<br>madzac
Yes, that is a good idea to use the fabric on the bias. I have also made these on the bias in the past. Depending on the print or the amount of fabric I have, I do not do this. I have found that using good quality, heavier fabric in conjunction with the electic gives it a nice snug fit too.
I have made ironing board covers in the past and found it a good idea to use the top fabric on the bias to give a very good fit.
i made this for my dad for fathers day, he LOVES it! his old cover was literally taped to the board to make it fit. very unsightly :( that thing was 20+ years old. thank you for the inspiration!
So glad it your Dad loves it! Now he can do your ironing too!
This is totally awesome! Thanks for sharing your hard work!
Thank you!
Finally!&nbsp;One that FITS!!!&nbsp; Thank you, thank you.<br /> <br /> By the way, a tip for cheapskate - I&nbsp;mean frugal - ironers/sew-ers:&nbsp; I&nbsp;was looking for a press cloth (read the instructions for iron-on interfacing after all these years!)&nbsp;and used one of my mom's linen dish towels - it started its life as a calendar.&nbsp; Instead of using the faucet and wringing out the water, I&nbsp;just put the towel where I&nbsp;needed to press and sprayed with the cat deterrent bottle.&nbsp; Worked like a charm!<br />
I have been searching the internet for instructions on how to make an ironing board cover, and although I have come across quite a few this is 'the' best one I have seen and will definitely definitely definitely be using these instructions to make mine. Although I might add Insul Bright to my one as an additional form of padding as my ironing board is metal mesh. Thanks again for such great, easy to read and understand instructions. From an ADDer.
Awesome--I've been needing to make a new cover. Nice instructable!
Very useful and easy to follow, thank you!
The link to your Etsy page isn't working. Are you still selling these?
Opps! Sorry for the bad link - I have corrected it. I currently have 2 styles for sale. Thanks for asking.
If you'd like your project included in the Sew Useful Contest, be sure to add a link to your its Etsy page.
This is perfect, just what i need as my ironing board cover is looking very poor at the moment. I'm going to give this a go. Thanks :)
Wow, this is done really professionally.

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