Face Changing Robot





Introduction: Face Changing Robot

when you turn the ear of the robot, the robot face will change to be smile, happy, angry or fall in love, let try to make one.

Step 1: Design the Robot Image

design the robot on paper, just design the front and left view.

Step 2: Design the 3d Model

design the 3d model in 3dsmax,

divide the parts based on different colours

prepare the document for 3d printing.

Step 3: 3d Printer Print Out

use 3d printer to print out all the parts.

Step 4: Glue All the Parts

glue all the parts of the robot by using epoxy glue.

make sure the role face inside the tube can be rotated.

Step 5: Try to Change the Face

when you turn the ear of the robot, the face is changing. see the picture as below. have fun with this robot,

Thanks for watching.



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    He looks so fun! Do you have the 3D printing files?