FaceBooth - One button to facebook photobooth

Picture of FaceBooth - One button to facebook photobooth
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I wanted to make a photbooth for a Christmas party. I wanted it to be simple to operate and only be one click easy so that even a guest who was chemically uncoordinated could even operate it.I wanted a solution that would take a photo and post it on facebook. Guests could later tag themselves or others.

There are three parts to this solution:
  1. The Photobooth software
  2. The Button
  3. Software for the button to talk to the software
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Step 1: The Photobooth Software

Picture of The Photobooth Software
For the photobooth software, I have used DSLRBooth ( it had everything I wanted.

It can:
  • Print directly to a printer
  • Post to facebook (Pro version only)
  • Generate a QR code for guests to scan and retrieve their photos
  • Email guests a copy of their photos
  • SMS (Twilio account needed)
  • Has a range of templates that you can overlay images etc... These can be customised as well.)
Rather than regurgitate the setup instructions, you can view them at

The trial version runs for 7 days and gives you all premium features. If you plan on using this software, download it within 7 days of your event. Or pay for it.

Step 2: The Button

Picture of The Button
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This was the fun bit. I wanted to make the whole experience simple to use. I thought a glowing button would do the trick.


  • Soldering iron
  • Wire Strippers/pliers
  • Crimping tool
  • Saw
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 3: Button - Protoboard setup

Picture of Button - Protoboard setup
Follow the schematic to solder up you protoboard.

I soldered some pins to the board so I could piggyback my arduino. See image above.
mattolsend1 month ago

What resistor are you using?

freaky2501979 months ago

Sorry for being a bit newbie, but can i use an Arduino Uno for this aswell?

aashby1 (author)  freaky2501979 months ago
Most definately...
he eleven is a clone of the Uno. Everything explained can be done on the Uno. I'd be interested to see your results.

Awesome man thanks, will defently post a little picture of the result!

Dude you built that for a party? Haha that is insane, but pretty cool.

Very neat. This is a little over my head but I really enjoyed reading it.

Nicely done , thanks for sharing !
aashby1 (author) 1 year ago
Seems like my failed reply went through too... Two answers for the price of one.
aashby1 (author) 1 year ago
Thanks achopra3. I have both sitting around and it would be ideal to make the whole system more portable. Hmmm...Battery powered and wifi. Could take it anywhere.
aashby1 (author) 1 year ago
Achopra3, good idea. I wanted to use a raspberry pi but time was a factor. Party's tomorrow and I had a few other things to do beforehand - mow lawns, tidy up, make kegorator etc... Go pro was something I had not though about. The wide angle lens would mean subjects (guests) would have to be very close. 1 meter away and that would be a bit in your face, no pun... But more easily replaced than the slr in party mode.
aashby1 (author) 1 year ago
Reggie, your right. See image attached. The hardest part is the triple connection between pin 3, the resistor and ground. Have a look at the example button script in Arduino examples. All I have added there is another pin to control the led in the button.
2013 10:10 pm.jpg
Or a bottom view of the pcb
I do not find the schematic clear. Could you have an explanation or image more geared towards beginners
Simply brilliant!
achopra31 year ago
Cool! You could probably hook it up to a raspberry pi and use a go-pro as the camera.
LuciferRex1 year ago
This is so cool!
Goodwin71 year ago
Cool, thanks for sharing!