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First of all please excuse me for my poor English, as i am not a native speaker. 

As for a pie: I've made it for my friends birthday party. The pie itself is really simple, tricky part for me was stencil, not even so tricky as it was time consuming. It was my second stencil and it took me more then 3 hours to make, cause i have no skills in photoshop at all. Anyways i think it was worth the time.

Step 1: Dough

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Messy part :) No matter how hard i try, i always make it MESSY! 
Frozen yeast 0,050 kg (around 2 oz)
Wheat flour 1,5 kg  (around 3 lb)
Milk 0,5 liter (16 Oz)
Warm water 0,5 liter (16 Oz)
Olive oil 0,05 liter (1,5 Oz)
Sugar 1 tbs
Salt 1 tbs

First u put yeast in the warm water, then add all the other ingredients stir until dissolve, start adding flower until it'll get too thick to stir. Sprinkle a clean working surface with flour and turn the dough onto the surface. Knead adding flour if needed until dough feels smooth and elastic. Then leave it in a greased bowl for an hour or two in room temperature to GROW. This time I've used for cutting stencil
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