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Ok, I know this is really cheesy, but that is kind of how I roll. I was going to a Halloween party and didn't plan a costume for myself. So, I tried to think of the easiest and quickest costume possible. (Que "The Office" theme song) There was a Halloween special where Jim was Facebook.

Darryl: You're not as scary as Bookface over there.
Jim: Yes. I am the popular social networking site known as Bookface.

Step 1: Items Needed:

  • One Face
  • Paint (I used black poster paint)

Step 2: How To:

Just have someone write "BOOK" on your face. And that is pretty much it. You are Facebook incarnate!

Step 3: More Awesomeness:

Fun Networking:
Before the party make some business cards that say "Friend Request," with the web-link to your Facebook page. I also added my Instructable page and my YouTube Channel.

People's Reactions:
There were over 600 people at that party and everyone reacted in 1 of 3 ways.
1. "Book?" So I would give them a "Friend Request" which was followed by a "Oh, Facebook. Good One :-)"
2. "Hey, Jim from The Office." Fellow Office fans.
3. "Um, Book Face?" So I got to say Jim's quote, "Yes. I am the popular social networking site known as Bookface."

So when you need the ultimate quick and easy "costume," you can go as the pop culture iconic bookface... I mean Facebook.

Step 4: Info

Picture of Info

For Fun and Geeky Videos, check my YouTube Chanel

In the Comments below, feel free to share your favorite "The Office" moment or how people reacted to you being Facebook.
I hope you enjoyed this.

Step 5:


Yatagarasu0612 (author)2013-10-15

This is perfect. Very clever.

happi cat #71 (author)2011-11-02

I like it. Very cheeky. =^..^=


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