This instructable shows you how to edit a Facebook page. Note that it does not change it on Facebook rather it creates an html file that you can show to friends, family e.t.c on your computer.

Step 1: Get the Page

Go to the Face book page you want to edit and press, Page, Save as or Ctrl+s in your web browser. Be sure to save it as a complete webpage.
nice! can totally trick friends with this :)
Cool! <br>That Gave Me An Evil Hack Idea ! <br>Well...Actually....Not Only One ! XD <br>Thanx For Sharing Dude..... <br>
it might change on your page but if u refresh the page it turns back to normal<br>
Not bad but you can also just go to internet explorer and paste:<br>javascript:document.body.contentEditable='true'; document.designMode='on'; void 0<br>into the address bar and press enter. It enables editing of the page.

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