Facebook LED Blink on New Notifications and Messages





Introduction: Facebook LED Blink on New Notifications and Messages

This is a demonstration of a small project for Facebook I've been working on.
A green LED will blink when a new notification is available, and a red LED will blink when a new message is received.
The green LED will stop blinking when you read the new notification(s), and the red LED will stop blinking when the new messages have been read.



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    wow that's so cool :D i am going to implement in my Home ;) and more question it's work on all kind of notification or just face

    Do you have to be logged into facebook for this to work?

    1 reply

    Yes, and you need to have a tab with Facebook open.

    relay works better than your 'duino

    instead of LEDs, can you make the instructable with horns like these?

    2 replies

    It can be done but you have to use some kind of relay setup.

    Sorry, the closest thing I can do is to play a horn sound from the speakers :P

    Thanks! :) I'm writing an instructable for it. It should be ready in 1-2 days.

    The instructable is ready! :D https://www.instructables.com/id/Facebook-LED-blink-on-new-notifications-and-messag-1/


    That's pretty cool- and very minimal-looking.

    I'm working on a project doing a similar task with message notifications- would you be willing to share your source code for whatever is running on the PC that detects Facebook messages?

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    Thanks :) I'm working on an instructable that will have everything that's needed (including the source code). The part that detects new messages has a limitation however: You must already have a chat window open and minimized with the person that sends you the message; otherwise, the new message will not be detected.