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Introduction: Facebook Like Monitor

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It’s funny that I had made many monitors

recently, for different situation. If you are interested about those instructables, put hand on the below link.

Here share my new monitor, a Facebook monitor.

It really feel good when you get a like from Facebook, this monitor will blink and vibrate when you got a new like. And there’s a 320x240 LCD Display to show you how many likes you ever got.

This instructable is not very complex, but may a little hard for the newbie. If you had ever use Arduino or others board like that, It may cost you 3-5 hours to make one.

Step 1: The Video

I had made a simple video, view to get more details.

Step 2: What Do You Need

You need to prepare something first.

Electronic Modules:


  • 5mm Wooden board
  • AB glue
  • 3M glue


  • Laser cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Glue gun

Step 3: Cut the Wooden Board

We will make a beautiful and retro box to

hold the modules. Download 2D file, and use a laser cutter to make your wooden board into 6 pieces.

I guess you haven’t a laser cutter at home, never mind, maybe the maker-space near form you will has one.

Step 4: Building a Box and Paint Something on It

After the previous step, we got 6 piece of board.

We are going to make them into a retro box. We need the glue gun here.

To make it more nice looking, you can do some painting as well.

Step 5: Fitting the Electronic Modules

It's lucky that there're only a few electronic modules.

  1. Fitting TFT Touch Shield to the top of box, there's a square hole, you will not miss it. And you will need a glue gun here.
  2. Fitting Leds and Grove - Vibration to back of box. You need glue gun or 3M glue as well.
  3. Fitting a DC Input Connector, location as shown at the about image.
  4. Solder 2 wires, to connect DC Jack and breakout board. VCC connect to 5V of breakout board, GND to GND
  5. Leds connect to D9 while Grove - Vibration connect to D8
  6. Plug LinkIt Smart 7688Duo into the Breakout board, and then plug Breakout board into TFT Touch Shield

Step 6: Software Works

Put hand on Github Page to donwload the code.

If it's your first time to use LinkIt Smart 7688Duo, view wiki for 7688 to get started.

Step 7: How Does It Work

You get a Facebook like monitor now, you can go to your Facebook website and like, see what will happen.




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    Great project! I would love to make one myself. But I don't understand how you interact with the Facebook app to get the number of likes.

    how do i make this work for my facebook page?

    Amazing project with excellent looks!

    I guess you have changed your username?

    1 reply

    yep, I change it days ago. I find that there is a way to change it, so I change it:)