Picture of Facebook Halloween Outfit

READY FOR HALLOWEEN!!............No?.... Then here's and easy costume that rocks!

I have entered this into the EASY HALLOWEEN COSTUME COMPETITION! so you can make one for your self.


Basically Halloween was around the corner and I didn't want to be the typical Vampire with face paint : F I wanted to stand out from the crowd, I was like a celebrity the attention it generated! 

I was originally thinking to go as the Apple iPod advert all blacked out with a colourful background, but I had an idea along the same lines why not go as a webpage..... Facebook!  Here is a brief description on how I did it!

Step 1: Gathering The materials!

Picture of Gathering The materials!

So I had less than 8 hours to make the outfit because as perusal I leave everything to the last moment, so I headed down to my local supply store (B&Q) to find some supplies!

I knew I needed a light material so I looked at plywood but because of the lack of time I chose the cardboard  material that goes on the back of a cupboard, one of the reasons I chose this is that it was already coloured white on one side no painting required! plus it was a lot lighter.

I was sure that this material was to flimsy so I bought some thin pieces of wood to go around the sides to give it some strength.
so now I had to get a large piece of cardboard home on my scooter : / my own fault I never think!

So I got a bit clever and got one of the staff to cut it right down the middle. I then taped the whole thing together and put it on my scooter, I was sure that if I went over 30 MPH I was going to take off with out the need of E.T.

cteece3 years ago
Excellent. That looks way cool. I couldn't picture it at first when I heard of it, but you nailed it. Love the way you have your head poking through the profile pic. Really imaginative and original.

Great stuff!!!
Great job. I really enjoyed your write up as well.
solidfunk (author)  electronixTech3 years ago
Thank you very much!!
RosyGlow3 years ago
Awesome costume. Liquid nails or a staple gun may have worked better for you than nails.
solidfunk (author)  RosyGlow3 years ago
Yes! I need to invest in a heavy duty staple gun, Thank you!
Ninzerbean3 years ago
I love it love it love it!
solidfunk (author)  Ninzerbean3 years ago
Tar very much!
Pattymouth3 years ago
This as absolutely awesome! What a great idea! I would love to open the door to a salesman wearing this...

Good job!
solidfunk (author)  Pattymouth3 years ago
Thank you!! Yeah well he wouldn't have to ask your name : )
Arghus3 years ago
kinda reminds me of "how i met your mother" when the episode starts with ted saying how life had changed with smathphones as he us walkin to the pud u see internet pages overlay next to the person as he walks the street..

hilariouse anyway , nice costume
solidfunk (author)  Arghus3 years ago
Oh I haven't seen that episode but I get what your saying from the picture you posted! Very cool!
Arghus Arghus3 years ago
sorry for the grammar, and thats what i was talking about :D still, kudos
hammer98763 years ago
Brilliant! Congrats for being featured!
solidfunk (author)  hammer98763 years ago
Amazing right? Thanks very much!
ilpug3 years ago
I like it!
solidfunk (author)  ilpug3 years ago
Thank You!
That is a very clever idea.......could have been done on just cardboard from an appliance or refrigerator box gotten from an appliance store too. Much lighter and cheaper than buying the board you bought.

Love it when people come up with great ideas like yours. I hope you won a prize for the most clever.
solidfunk (author)  claudette sova3 years ago
Thank you for your nice comment! Good idea using recyclable materials! I am sure that there would have been some old refrigerator boxes or something around!

Next time I hope I won't be rushing so I can think about it properly. : )
hasha20003 years ago
Now you just need to upgrade to "Timeline"...lol Just saying... :)
solidfunk (author)  hasha20003 years ago
Good point it might not be recognized any more, Facebook 2.0 here I come!