Step 2: Home now to build!

Picture of Home now to build!
Build Build Build!!!

So I got home alive and only slightly came off the ground : P turning corners was the hardest part nearly hitting the edge on the ground. I now understand that it was silly and that I could have been pulled over try explaining the situation to the police officer.

"Very sorry officer I have this cardboard on my bike to make a face book outfit...." 

OK back to business, I laid the cardboard down with the white side face down and using a small saw I cut the pieces of wood to the correct size. One problem I encountered was that the back of the cardboard was slightly well hairy? I don't know the best way to describe it but I knew that sticking would be difficult.

But I went ahead and done that anyway as I was running out of time it was already dark and I needed to be out soon!
I stuck the wood around the sides using no more nails that I had lying around. Notice that their is some hinges well I had an Idea that seeing as this was cut in half I could add a small flap to make this easier to get in a cab home when I am completely out of it and have probably lost the thing anyway. That didn't work because the hairy cardboard would not adhere properly!.