Step 8: Communicating With the EiBotBoard

To communicate with the EiBotBoard, you just send it simple serial commands (9600 baud).  It has an FTDI interface built in, so you just connect to it with USB.  Using a combination of reviewing their documentation and looking at the code from the Eggbot Inkscape plugin I figured out how it works.  I prefer Ruby to Python, so I wrote mine in Ruby (nothing's wrong with Python, just my personal preference).    The main commands you use are:

"EM,1,1\r" - enables the motors
"SC,4,[some number]\r" - sets the minimum value on the server (for pen down)
"SC,5,[some number]\r" - sets the maximum value on the server (for pen up)
"SP,1,100\r" - lifts the pen
"SP,0,100\r" - lowers the pen
"SM,[time to move],[motor 1 steps],[motor 2 steps]\r"
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