Introduction: Facebook,Aim,Myspace..... on PSP

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This is how you can chat and update your status on psp.

I'm new and i just joined so if u have any suggestions put them in your comment.

Step 1: Check

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Make sure  you are connected to the internet on your psp and check to make sure that the switch on the top of your psp that says "Wlan" i set to the on position.

Step 2: Internet Browser

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 Go to the psp's internet browser or if u have netfront which is for people who have a hacked psp that will work too.

Step 3: Address Bar

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Go to the address bar in  the internet browser and type in "" but without the "s
Here u can update your status and u might be able to upload photos if you have a "chotto
shot" or psp camera i haven't tried myself because i don't have a psp camera.

Step 4: Login

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login to your facebook account.

Then go to new tab in the psp internet browser an type in "" also without the "s

Step 5:

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login to your facebook,aim,myspace account with ebuddy

Step 6:

Now select the person that is online that you want to talk to i recommend using the psp's internet browser because it is easier to type  with the full keyboard

Now u can just go back and forth from status to chat.
You should also bookmark it makes it easier.

I dont have a picture for this one because i chose not to let people i dont know find me on facebook.


armor-guy (author)2011-12-09

what kind of psp?

Hunterrgedon (author)2010-07-18

k thanks i was going to put pictures in when i got so carried away. and my webcam is broke but i bought a new one today so ill put them on soon.

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