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Introduction: Facelift Old Bangles

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I have huge lot of old bangles which I don’t wear anymore. I have given most of them to friends and family and still I have some left behind. I saw this idea in pinterest and wanted to do this with the old bangles I have.

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Step 1: Things Needed:

  • Old bangles
  • String beads
  • Hot glue
  • Stranded cotton thread/floss in desired colors

Step 2: Step One:

Get the hot glue ready. Apply some glue to the bangle and paste the string beads around the bangle. Cut off excess.

Step 3: Step Two:

Start encircling the thread around the bangle leaving the beads.secure the end of the floss with a blob of hot glue.

And you have your face lifted new bangle.

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    This REALLY helped because I have old bangles that I dont where anymore also.I plan on making this

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    I'm glad this helped :) have a nice day n happy crafting