Step 11: Shell Assembly

I assembled as much of the Facet shell inside before moving it outside.  The main reason is that it was simply too cold in my garage when I started working on this project, so the glue wouldn't set properly.  Wherever you do your assembly, make sure it's at least 20 degrees (Celsius!)

If you have the space, I suggest working from the bottom up.  This will make it easier to add the support structures between the trike and shell (more on that later).

In my case, I built the front and rear separately until they were nearly too large to fit through the door.  The key is to avoid installing any of the hood sections until after the trike is attached to the shell.

I suggest starting with some of the large sections first to get the hang of it.  Line up the flaps so that the resulting faces are co-planar, and the ends of the flaps line up as well.  Lay out the pieces so that the joint is facing upwards, so that glue applied to the seam flows down between the flaps.  Lay a bead of glue along the seam, and try not to disturb the joint for at least an hour.  You may join as many seams as you have clips for!

After 12 hours (at room temperature), the pieces may be moved and joined to other sections.  Remove the clips and set them aside for the next joint.  Test-fit, align so the seam faces up, and apply a bead of glue.

Continue in this manner until everything but the three hood sections are attached.