Step 18: Summary and Thanks

For a few hundred dollars, you can add a shell to a recumbent trike.  The benefits are numerous, including aerodynamics, weather protection, and enhanced visibility on the road.  I was truly fortunate to have found a mostly-finished design that I was able to tweak to suit my needs.  You may use my design files for your own velomobile, or design from scratch.  If you do so, make sure that everything fits inside - that's probably the most important part.

I'd like to thank the following people for their help and support:

Brecht Vandeputte, for supplying the original Sketchup file that I modified for my design.  Without this, I probably wouldn't have make it past the "dreaming" stage.

The Velomobiles -- Coroplast Group on Facebook - What a great group of clever, encouraging and helpful folks!

My wife, for putting up with my crazy ideas and the associated costs (money, time and space).  She's simply the best.

And the Instructables community, for continually inspiring me to make bigger and better things!