Hello guys,

I started my first project after reading Krummey post about faceted trophies.

I found a free 3D model of a panther head, modified it a bit to ease the crafting.

I used blender (free 3D software) to modify the faceted model.

Please find the pattern for the panther head on my blog.

Step 1: Tips for Crafting

Few tips I can share after 3 different trophies :

- use a paperknife to "pre-fold" parts.

- use a good glue, it will be way easier. I use 3M Scotch Gel Glue (green one), I guess you can find it worldwide.

- use a thick paper.I use 240g/m² and it works perfectly.

- assemble and glue the smallest part first, for the panther the mouth area is really hard to make !

- be patient ! It's a long run to finish your trophy :)

<p>j'aimerais savoir comment plier la t&ecirc;te de panthere </p>
<p>That looks really cool. Do you have any pictures of the project in progress?</p>
<p>Sadly I finished this project before thinking to post it here.</p><p>However I will detail the steps I did.</p><p>I'm planning to post more, for the next project I will take pictures to show how I did it ! (I use Krummey tuto).</p>
<p>Is this a small head not a life size mask head?</p>

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