Step 5: Reflash

Connect the COM USB to your computer. That's the USB farther from the switch. SSH into your Edison (making sure you're using the correct settings. Check out this step in another instructable I made.) The only way to reflash the Edison is to do so before it actually boots. With the SSH terminal up, reboot the Edison. After a little, you will see (check out the image above to see it.):

  • Press any key to stop autoboot: 1

Press a key to keep the Edison from going any farther. Now you will see the following:

  • boot >

This is a prompt. Type:

  • run do_ota

And let the Edison work. Once it's done, your Edison is fully reset, and you have a clean OS! You should feel very happy because you're done, or frustrated if you still have to restore old settings. Enjoy!

<p>This instructable saved my day! thanks a lot.</p>
<p>Another trick you may need when doing this.</p><p>Disconnect the second USB cable, the one nearest the power cable. That exports the &quot;EDISON&quot; volume to your PC or MAC, and I've seen instances of virus checkers and other automatic tools on the PC's 'grabbing' this network share and causing the reflash to fail. On the serial console you will see symptoms that include errors reading the EXT4 file for example. Removing this cable prevents the PC or MAC from accessing this drive while the Edison is using it for reflashing the device. Hidden files, also cause things to go sideways. So close explorer windows and delete the files using a command prompt.</p>
<p>I did those steps too...no avail. I have a second Edison going through an initial flash, and it appears to be significantly more steps in the initial flashing than a reflash as far as automatic stuff that happens.</p>
<p>I am still getting settings like device name, password, user name as well as old programs are still in existence after going through these steps.</p>
<p>How am I going to delete MMC files on Windows?</p>
<p>Thanks for making this</p>

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