Picture of Fading led
Fading led, circuit
its one of the simplest projects using 555 timer and bc547 transistor
it only took me about 5 minutes to complete this, actualy whole this instructions and making of circuit last longer than making of circuit

so the parts list is : 555 timer
                                     bc547(note i used bc547 and on the picture says 2n39006, use only bc547 ,)
                               33k ohm resistor, 330ohm resistor and 100uF capacitor
                            ofc almost forgot, LED
Raphango made it!1 year ago

Here is the image of it actually working.

Thank you again!

Raphango1 year ago
did myself one.... congratulations!
tealk (author)  Raphango1 year ago
congratulions to you. i am really happy