Introduction: Failed Attempt- Ladder Rack Paracord Bracelet With Fire Starter and Fishing Kit.

Picture of Failed Attempt- Ladder Rack Paracord Bracelet With Fire Starter and Fishing Kit.

This is the finished bracelet.

I apparently laced the buckle wrong, and didn't size it properly. I had my jig set up for about 9.25 inches(My wrist it's 8.5) and it ended up being extremely tight on the smallest section of my wrist. Other than that it turned out nicely lol.

What it has;
-The buckle has the fire starter built into it. Ordered those on eBay. They were about $6 a piece.
- No kindling(jute/yute) in this one.
- Roughly 14 feet of paracord.
- Between 33 and 34 feet of 6lb. fishing line. I plan on using stronger line in a future bracelet.
- 2 Fly Hooks. I think they were size 16. Again I plan in upgrading their size also.
- 4 strand core and to get more cord into the bracelet. This does not include the outer 2 strands used when weaving the paracord hack and forth.

Why do I post this? Simple. Imagine how many projects have been attempted before finally achieving the desired result. You only see the desired result. And if one of my projects, failed or achieved, gives just 1 person a spur of inspiration for a new project, then it's a win either way.

I will be attempting this bracelet again sometime soon, and will give as much as possible a detailed instructable on it. I'll post a link here when it is completed.


dalepgray made it! (author)2014-09-24

I've attempted a similar project and found that the length and straightness of the buckle, made sizing it difficult and even when I got the sizing right the buckle made the bracelet uncomfortable. I am now looking for further ideas where I can use the buckle for something other than a bracelet. so any ideas?

Wink79 (author)2014-02-07

I know some of you may still be waiting on the instructable for this one. I'm in the process of getting it together, but due to a mishap with my jig it's going to be another day or two. I'll be making a new jig tomorrow and will post an instructable for that as well.

Wink79 (author)2014-01-28

Correction. As I took the bracelet apart I realized there was a 6 strand core, not 4. Again this doesn't include the 2 outside strands used when weaving the bracelet.

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