Failed Bullpup Tubular Magazine Gun




Introduction: Failed Bullpup Tubular Magazine Gun

I was talking with my brother some time back about the K'NEX Contest that is coming up. He asked me what type of gun I would like to post, and I answered him (not so) simply that I wanted to take his RTMP and turn it into a Bullpup gun. As you can see, we failed at our first try, but I wanted to post it all the same, so some of you guys could take it and make it better.

Part of the problems of this gun were feeding (how the bullets "fed" into the chamber) and mechanism strength (how strong the mechanism was). Regarding the feeding problem, we just could not fix it. I think my bro tried 3 - 4 times to fix it, but it would not be fixed. As to the mechanism strength, it was really bad. You had to be able to pull the trigger really hard to get the block to even move. On top of all that, the pin would bend into weird shapes, and I and my bro did not like that.

Somewhat comfortable
I think it looks good
The mech was not bad
It is a tubular magazine fed Bullpup gun

Would only shoot muzzle loaded rounds
Tubular magazine fed badly, or rather, did not feed at all
Required a external pusher

So, there you have it. I really do hope somebody takes this and makes it better. Don't ask for internals, as we have taken it apart.

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This is really interesting. I'm not happy that this didn't work, maybe given some more time it would. Really good looking gun though.

Thanks man. We took it apart to give it another go. Those pics will be up soon.

Alright! Hope it works out this time! After my rifle I plan to make a kind of Bolt Action Sniper Rifle. I think the mech I planning might be new.

Sounds good. What gun are you gonna use as you basis? Or rather, are you gonna use any gun as your basis?

Macmillan TAC-50. Making it for nerfrocketeer because, I always wanted to make a sniper rifle.

Ah, sounds awesome. Ya know, the McMillan TAC-50 was the gun that made the two longest shots ever in firearms history.

Wow!... I did know one record was set by it but not two. I'm surprised it wasn't with a Barret 50 cal. That's my favorite sniper rifle.

Dude, it sounds boss. Give me some pics ASAP pleas.