Well I've had this for a month or two now, so I finally have up, but if anybody would like to have a shot at it, please do. Well this things main down fall is that the bullets fed vertical instead of horizontal, whoops. Lol
Explain to us what we are seeing here...?
I think I get it (correct me if I'm wrong AwesomestDude) <br>The bullet stopper prevents the bullets from moving down the barrel, but lets the ram rod through, hitting the bullets <br>
Heh, heh, thanks Dr. Richtofen, you're awesome. =D
agreed <br>
You're welcome, and thanks :D
Yup. =D
:D <br>Are you working on anything at the moment?
Actually, yes, I am. I have a <a href="https://www.instructables.com/community/RMACR-Reds-Mini-Adaptive-Combat-Rifle-V2/" rel="nofollow">RMACR V.2</a> taht I am working on, as well as a <a href="http://www.heckler-koch.com/en/military/products/assault-rifles/hk416/hk416-a5-11/technical-data.html" rel="nofollow">HK416 A5</a>.
Ah cool. The RMACR looks sweet, and I knew what the 416 ;) It's a pretty gun :D<br> I myself am working on a<a href="http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110211025818/fallout/images/a/a1/Chinese_assault_rifle.png" rel="nofollow"> Fallout 3 &quot;Chinese assault rifle&quot; model</a>
Sounds awesome bro, can't wait to see you posting again! =D
:D <br>I hope to have it posted this weekend. The front part is finished, which is one of the trickier part. The magwell can get a bit harder, I chose Twistedparadox's body for it, but the magwell in his doesn't align with the front grip on my version :/
Ah, well, best of luck!
Thanks :) <br>It's mostly finished now, the stock could use some work, but I'm like out of pieces. Photos are being made today
yup, you nailed it! =D
oh i get it now :D <br>
lol xD
What's so funny?
no offense but i don't get it :I
lol i agree with red <br> <br>vvvvv
Good idea! Sadly it doesn't work :(
yeah, oh well

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