Failed Horizontal Magazine Gun



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Introduction: Failed Horizontal Magazine Gun

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Well I've had this for a month or two now, so I finally have up, but if anybody would like to have a shot at it, please do. Well this things main down fall is that the bullets fed vertical instead of horizontal, whoops. Lol



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    I think I get it (correct me if I'm wrong AwesomestDude)
    The bullet stopper prevents the bullets from moving down the barrel, but lets the ram rod through, hitting the bullets


    Are you working on anything at the moment?

    I hope to have it posted this weekend. The front part is finished, which is one of the trickier part. The magwell can get a bit harder, I chose Twistedparadox's body for it, but the magwell in his doesn't align with the front grip on my version :/

    Thanks :)
    It's mostly finished now, the stock could use some work, but I'm like out of pieces. Photos are being made today