Failed K'NEX Bullpup SMG





Introduction: Failed K'NEX Bullpup SMG

Hey guys. Well, after BlackShadow12 posted his Failed bullpup knex gun, I thought I would give a try at making a Bullpup. There was only two differences that I wanted: 1) I wanted the mag to go in the top, and 2) I wanted a permanent for-grip. So that is what I did, and it failed (hence the title XD). The Pros and Cons are not entirely impressive:

Looks kinda cool (IMO)
It is a Bullpup
Trigger worked smoothly
New type of mag (I have yet to see a bent mag of that caliber)
It is comfortable
The for-grip was a great idea
The mag can either be set to go in the top, or up the bottom
Was not too piece consuming
Range: 30 - 40 ft.

Did not work
Handles were at a weird grip (I HATE handles at that degree)
Mech needed more room
Fake barrel was lame looking
FP hardly ever hit the bullets
Mech was on the outside



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Excuse me if I'm wrong but that gun below this post doesn't look like anything special to me, all I see is a breech loading pin pull gun, so why save it for the contest?

Well, you never know what the contest will be about, and just because the gun does not seem special, does not mean it is not. First off, it is breach loaded, which is something you NEVER see from most other people. Secondly, it gets at least 70 ft.

well anybody could do either of those things in my opinion

fine i'll build 5 different systems like this after the contest

ok I guess I don't post much but..... I am pretty good, won't have anything rolling of the presses for about a month or two but, how about you? any great and awesome plans? btw I do plan on making full auto soon, of decent range and with a mag not a belt or turret, it is quite complicated but that's the way I like it. Bolt action will also be made possible soon =P lol and I plan on building a functioning horizontal mag gun, rivaling seleziona's, his didn't quite work like it should, also (I know im going on and on but) I would like to make a decent bullpup gun. I have many ideas but they don't translate well into k'nex for some reason, but I have fun anyways. So like I said earlier do you have any ideas, groundbreaking or not? I have to go now my mom is yelling lol.

Well, unlike you, I post, even when the thing I have in hand is not that great (for example, the gun above). I don't say that your way is not much the best, but we all have our differences. Any awesome plans? Me? No, not really. I plan on making a better M21/M14, but I have no idea how that will go over. All of the projects you named sound amazing, and I hope to see them from you soon. Making a full auto gun sounds cool, but incredibly hard. A bolt action sounds awesome as well, especially to me. I have made only one bolt action in my life (the S1) and it did not seem to me to be any cooler than a regular pin gun. I have achieved the same type of range with my RMACR as any bolt action might provide. As to the bullpup, I wish you luck. Wow, your mom yells too? Funny. I guess there is no new thing under the sun. =D