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Hey guys. Well, after BlackShadow12 posted his Failed bullpup knex gun, I thought I would give a try at making a Bullpup. There was only two differences that I wanted: 1) I wanted the mag to go in the top, and 2) I wanted a permanent for-grip. So that is what I did, and it failed (hence the title XD). The Pros and Cons are not entirely impressive:

Looks kinda cool (IMO)
It is a Bullpup
Trigger worked smoothly
New type of mag (I have yet to see a bent mag of that caliber)
It is comfortable
The for-grip was a great idea
The mag can either be set to go in the top, or up the bottom
Was not too piece consuming
Range: 30 - 40 ft.

Did not work
Handles were at a weird grip (I HATE handles at that degree)
Mech needed more room
Fake barrel was lame looking
FP hardly ever hit the bullets
Mech was on the outside


TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-05-03

Excuse me if I'm wrong but that gun below this post doesn't look like anything special to me, all I see is a breech loading pin pull gun, so why save it for the contest?

Heh heh. We saw what happened with that.

Well, you never know what the contest will be about, and just because the gun does not seem special, does not mean it is not. First off, it is breach loaded, which is something you NEVER see from most other people. Secondly, it gets at least 70 ft.

well anybody could do either of those things in my opinion

Anybody COULD do those things, but (at least from what I have seen) nobody HAS.

fine i'll build 5 different systems like this after the contest

You can if you want to. I would like to see more stuff from you anywho.

ok I guess I don't post much but..... I am pretty good, won't have anything rolling of the presses for about a month or two but, how about you? any great and awesome plans? btw I do plan on making full auto soon, of decent range and with a mag not a belt or turret, it is quite complicated but that's the way I like it. Bolt action will also be made possible soon =P lol and I plan on building a functioning horizontal mag gun, rivaling seleziona's, his didn't quite work like it should, also (I know im going on and on but) I would like to make a decent bullpup gun. I have many ideas but they don't translate well into k'nex for some reason, but I have fun anyways. So like I said earlier do you have any ideas, groundbreaking or not? I have to go now my mom is yelling lol.

Well, unlike you, I post, even when the thing I have in hand is not that great (for example, the gun above). I don't say that your way is not much the best, but we all have our differences. Any awesome plans? Me? No, not really. I plan on making a better M21/M14, but I have no idea how that will go over. All of the projects you named sound amazing, and I hope to see them from you soon. Making a full auto gun sounds cool, but incredibly hard. A bolt action sounds awesome as well, especially to me. I have made only one bolt action in my life (the S1) and it did not seem to me to be any cooler than a regular pin gun. I have achieved the same type of range with my RMACR as any bolt action might provide. As to the bullpup, I wish you luck. Wow, your mom yells too? Funny. I guess there is no new thing under the sun. =D

Kona-chan (author)2013-10-04

i like it, nice idea, a combo of a bullpup hopper and a bullpup (8

Yeah, thanks. =D

DarkOwlProductions (author)2013-06-13

I know I'm replying to an older post, but red.... How is it possible that you got 30-40 feet on a gun that you say 'did not work?' Great Idea as always, though, and I do quite like the looks.

I can under stand the confusion, so let me explain. This guns was a complete failure, and what I mean by that is the fact that it was nearly impossible to get it to shoot. When it did fire (those one or two times) it got O.K. range. I honestly think it is ugly, but that is just me. Thanks anyway. =D

Sharir1701 (author)2013-05-04

It really does baffle me why people struggle so much with bullpups... Sure it's different and requires a bit of different, possibly out-of-the-box, ingenuity, but it's not as complicated as people make it seem. I've built so many bullpups it seems obvious to me, so I'm sorry if I sound arrogant saying this, but I think if you just think a bit more and give it a bit more time, and don't be afraid to learn from past bullpups, take my own as an example (just for my laziness and not updated status), just try and try again, and I'm sure you'll get it eventually... Whatever, I'm just saying that whenever I was building new concepts or complicated designs I could work for weeks on a single area until it was perfect. Concepts and complicated designs aren't easy, but if you're dedicated and think and do your homework, I'm sure you could figure it out...

That is true. Many people make Bullpups look harder than they truly are, but then again, they are much more complicated (and this is necessarily so) than any gun that has the mech and mag in front of the handle. Part of the reason that I chose to give up this gun is because I wanted to build other stuff, plus, this gun was just not appealing to me any more. Plus, I chose not to spend too much time on a gun. If a gun is taking longer than one week to figure out, I generally just stop. Besides, Bullpups require many unwanted byproducts...

The only main complication is the trigger, nothing else, and I myself have found and demonstrated several ways of bypassing this problem and there are many more solutions other people have made... Whatever if you're not gonna put time in it, chances are, it's not gonna be good...

True, the trigger is probably the most difficult part of Bullpups, but then again, getting the mech to push the pin-stop is always difficult as-well.

You lost me there... Pin-stop?

What I meant was that it is hard to get the trigger to push back and move the pin-block/pin-stop out of the way of the FP.

Oh I think you're referring to what we used to call the trigger block... Yeah I get that... You just need to figure out the correct leverage, and that can only be achieved via trial and error, though experience does make the process shorter... Yeah whatever I would have given this gun more time but that's just me...

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-05-03

What caliber is the mag?

A 9mm banana mag.

no silly what KNEX ammunition?

XD, I know. I was just teasing you. It shoots dark grey connecters.

I was laughing so hard XD

AUG-5OM3 (author)2013-05-03

It looks cool except for the handle. It's way too slanted like you said yourself

Yeah...I know. =(

Thanks. Yeah, it is too bad that it did not work, but we live and let be. =D No, I don't have any internal pics, as this gun is long gone. I was taken apart to make this:

Wow! That gun looks really awesome. Are you going to post it soon?

Yes, well...not entirely "soon." As soon as the K'NEX contest goes live, I'll post it. =D

Do you mean the one created by mikeasaurus? BTW, I am working on a K'nex ARX-100.

Yes, that is the one I am talking about. An ARX-160? Sounds great. Do you have a pic that I could see of the start of it?

Sure. I posted some pictures on your orangeboard.

Thanks, I saw them. Not bad. =D

Okay, that new gun looks goooood :D (btw click the gif, if it doesn't play)

Thanks bro. XD, nice GIF.

No probs :D

Is that a new gun, this you make an ible on it

Ya know what, I will. =D

Johnhall44 (author)2013-05-02

Its too bad it didn't work. The mag idea looks neat,I have tried a mag like that on an smg before but didn't like it because it wouldn't work with very many mag catches. I think I will build the gun you posted a picture of below soon =D

Yeah, it really is too bad. I am glad you like the mag idea, I did too. Oh, the RBLTR? Yeah, I am not going to post it until the K'NEX contest goes live. I'll post some photos on your OB for you if you like. =D

sure,thanks =D

O.K., here I go.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-05-03

Looks pretty good!

Thanks. I think it is kinda ugly, but I am glad you like it. =D

Yeah the mag looks kinda strange.

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