First off all i will be showing you is the mech without the rest of the gun

Ok I need some help if you can tell me why it jams I will be happy

Feel free to add the mech to any guns just be sure to give credit and tell me when u post

Looks pretty good to me but the trigger jams and sometimes I have loading problems

Step 1: Slide

A simple slide that can easily be built from the pics

Step 2: Rest of the Mech

Simple mech to shoot orange connecters

<p>Too bad :/</p>
Check out my new project I just posted it
Ok I will ditch it and work on turning reds tubular mag pistol into a sniper
<p>Too bad it didn't work out. :(</p><p>I honestly have no idea why it jams, the trigger looks pretty reliable.</p><p>Slide actions seldom work really well (In my experience), except for Killerk's TR8.</p><p>Perhaps you should attempt something a little more simple.</p>
Please help

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