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Introduction: Failed Project - Oodammmo Gun

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I wanted to make an oodammo rifle, and this is what I made.  I like the  handle and the trigger, but the ramrod just wasn't long enough to hit the oodammo and load the next round right.  It barely taps it, so when the next round pops up, it ends up in front of the ram, not under it.  I also didn't like how the stock just kind of jumped down a unit section and went out, and the way the pin guide is only attached to one side.  Oh yeah, the trigger holds just about as many bands as you want, it is based on the same principal as the Racker Rifle's trigger. 

Most people can build from the pictures, really nothing to it.  It is very small and compact.

The bands I had on were 3 #64's, two of them tied together, and one alone.  Don't ask why.  The range with this flat was about 45-50 feet.

- Sliding trigger which blocks very far back(from the handle)
- nicely angled handle
- small part count
- 2 cut rods

I thought it was worth posting in a slideshow because of the trigger, and nothing else.



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    So which part of it didnt work??

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    I explained it in the OP. The mag didn't work well.

    Aww, I wish this worked. And that it had instructions.

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    It did work, just not well. And you should be able to build it from the pictures.

    Haha, had to laugh at the passing comment of it being my style. =P I could never really describe my style other than I liked piece efficient, clean designs and I can see it in this gun, definitely. I'm starting to get bored of my UMP anyways, I might end up remaking my DERP pistol so I have something new to show off to friends. I'm also starting to forget how it was built so I want to figure it out again and take pictures for future reference.

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    I am twelve and what is this

    Is this the Krusty Krab?

    XD That made my night, but we should probably stop getting off track.

    Probably, lol. Interesting oodammo thingy, Mr. Racker.

    I would like to see that pistol made. I liked it from the video. BTY I heard you and jollex were making a collab? I would like to see that.

    Yeah, we're doing something for the contest. I just need to finish a part for it (need to destroy the UMP for pieces for that as well, so I'm kinda holding him up) and then he'll probably submit it then. Just hang on. d(^_^d)

    Pretty nice, i really love the trigger mech, good job =D

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    Thank you. You still quiting?