It lit and burned but the nozzle blew out and so rendered the engine nearly useless as a device to provide thrust . . .still looked bloody cool though!
lol the engine before you lit it looks like a tampon ha ha
o.O . . .*washes hands*
&nbsp;ill say<br />
what was the point of it
this was just a test: new mix, new tooling, new fuse etc plus it's fun to witness the power of rocetry without craning your neck!
&nbsp;why mega video, i clik play and it pop up wit stuff.......
haha!<br />
maybe you could put it upside down next time?
that was verry cool
looks like a tampon....
thats wat i was thinking
heh actually it's a long sheet of paper rolled into a thick walled tube since i'm too cheap to buy cardboard tubes.
lol was that tampon filled with gunpowder also the song isnt bad
dude, What was the propellant? I want to know
in the immortal words of Prof. Jagger: "you can't always get what you want" if you search around for rocket propellants though you'll find more than enough info a safer (slightly anyway) starting point: try searching for "James Yawn"
ok, just wondering.
What's the propellant ur using? it seems a little to powerful to not be in my garage.=)<br/>
What was the nozzle made out of?
bentonite (aka kitty litter)
(this isnt really an instructable) Is this core-burning? If so, you might try end burning. Try a larger nozzle orifice. Try slower fuel.
i've since fixed the issue . . .i had a 4mm nozzle and upped it to 5mm and now it works like a dream. I've also switched to the KN03/Sugar version since it's easier(and significantly safer) to make and also cheaper. (btw: i realize that this is not an instructable which is why i posted it as a video and not as an instructable. Thanks for the concern tho)
im no rocket scientist, but my guess it would work a heck of a lot better if you had the thrust pointing down instead of up.
lol yes you're completely right but this was a test only and I didn't want a potential fireball flying through the neighborhood so I "anchored" it with the nozzle up. looking back and seeing how my nozzle blew out i probably wouldn't have had an issue of it going too far but best to be on the safe side eh?
I won't say what it is exactly since i didn't actually make it completely from scratch and I don't want to be an advertiser but if you must know I can hint . . .it's a derivative of black powder(this is actually grey though)
What was the fuel? This is some good stuff right here... it has some potential.
what was the propelant?

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