Failed Rocket Engine





Introduction: Failed Rocket Engine

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It lit and burned but the nozzle blew out and so rendered the engine nearly useless as a device to provide thrust . . .still looked bloody cool though!



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    o.O . . .*washes hands*

    this was just a test: new mix, new tooling, new fuse etc plus it's fun to witness the power of rocetry without craning your neck!

     why mega video, i clik play and it pop up wit stuff.......

    maybe you could put it upside down next time?

    that was verry cool

    thats wat i was thinking

    heh actually it's a long sheet of paper rolled into a thick walled tube since i'm too cheap to buy cardboard tubes.

    lol was that tampon filled with gunpowder also the song isnt bad

    in the immortal words of Prof. Jagger: "you can't always get what you want" if you search around for rocket propellants though you'll find more than enough info a safer (slightly anyway) starting point: try searching for "James Yawn"


    What's the propellant ur using? it seems a little to powerful to not be in my garage.=)

    bentonite (aka kitty litter)