Failed Bullpup Knex Gun




Introduction: Failed Bullpup Knex Gun

Hey sorry I haven't been active in a while but that's because everything I try is failing right now. I was so close to getting this to work correctly but it didn't turn out. Anyway, enjoy, comment, and subscribe.



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Questions & Answers


You say its apart...WELL PUT IT BACK TOGETHER =p..ive been looking for a small piece count bullpup style gun

ill b too busy tomorro, i shall start building tonight tho

It actually has a lot of pieces but ill post my MTAR when its finished :D

well ill try to build it when its posted =)

Hey man! Its good to here from you again! So, I take it your HAMR did not work out? Well, anyway, nice gun. I really like the way it works, but it seems to me that you did not give enough ram space for the FP. Perhaps if you had made the "stock" longer it might have worked out better...? What gun are you thinking about working on now? XD, since our last "few" colaborations failed, do you wanna colaborate on a MTAR/FLATTOP TAR?

I was going to try to make something but i doubt it would've worked so sure

What didn't work on it? I may be able to fix it.