Its a shame this gun failed
im not the best at assault rifles but yea i gave it a shot and failed.
i only took 2 photos

And the TGL V1.1 pics are also put on  as requested
<p>It's okay if I it didn't work, keep trying and don't give up!</p>
I haven't been building with K'nex for a few months now xD
im going to give a shot at this grenade launcher thing and see if I can make it better =D
Post it when its finished i WANNA SEE!!!
I will in about two weeks = D
<p>I think he forgot</p>
<p>lol </p>
<p>Finished yet?</p>
Not at all :D
Nice! Sorry it didn't work!
i did work but it shot something like 2 inches xD <br>
Looks cool!
Looks pretty neat, too bad it failed :(
i wasn't finished with the shape either so it would have looked better
Not bad. =D
i know, right?

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