Fair Isle Christmas Stockings


Introduction: Fair Isle Christmas Stockings

My knitting project for most of 2007 was to recreate the Christmas stocking that was knit for me by my Memere (grandmother) when I was a little girl 40+ years ago. I wanted to knit one for my husband and each of my two boys. By examining the original red stocking I counted rows and stitches and created a pattern. I had never knitted socks before so I also had to research and review sock patterns to understand how to make the heel and toe. The stockings were knitted in the following order, green, blue, and purple. As I went through the pattern with each knew stocking it was modified and tweaked until I was finally (mostly) happy with the last version. To help me get through the last stocking I taught myself how to knit Continental style because I was getting a little bored =) The finished stockings are 25 1/2" long and 7 1/2" wide. The green and blue ones were knit with Lion Brand Wool Ease and the purple one was a different brand but a color that I wanted. Needle size was 7 - 5 DPNs. It was really fun to hang them by the wood stove this Christmas, to fill them up on Christmas Eve for my family, and to watch my little ones find the treasures inside on Christmas morning.



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    Fantastic job! I agree, I think the green is my favorite too. I'm impressed with your "make a pattern and make it happen" thing.

    These are really nice stockings. I love the way you have knitted the borders with the little boys and girls. Thanks for sharing.

    Very good job! This is simply just awesome, very colorful, and I love the blue ones the most. Nice job!

    Those are lovely! I'm always impressed to see people re-creating old designs- it's definitely beyond my skill. I learned crocheting first, though, so have always found Continental style knitting to be easiest.

    they're real pretty! great job on all!