Picture of Fairy Castle ( Collapsible Dolls House )
2012-12-25_00-25-48  NIKON D3100 (_DSC0021).JPG
This Christmas my wife and I decided to make a fair castle dolls house for our little girl (2 1/2 Years). We had been looking at dolls houses for her and they were very large and super expensive! We only have a small house and so it must be collapsible. My wife still has toys that her farther made for her that she cherishes and now my daughter plays with all the time. There is something special about your mum and dad making you something from scratch just for you that nobody else has (so I thought I would post it here so everybody can make one). We thought we would go the extra mile and make something that would hopefully be handed down to our daughters children (if it lasts that long!)
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Step 1: Inspiration

Picture of Inspiration
 We got out inspiration from a small cardboard toy she got as a gift from somebody. It all slotted together very cleverly and crucially flat packed down to nothing. 
rednsassy10 months ago

Utterly fantastic! Can you tell me what scale this is?

I would like to make one for an 18" doll, which is a 1:3 scale typically.

I have zero skills at building or enlarging, so any info you might have would be a huge help.

In the meantime,Thanks for the eye candy! Your daughter is one lucky little girl!

2 words for this castle "brilliant and sweet"
1 word for your daughter "lucky" :) her mommy and daddy are so cool.
cwolsey (author)  pchoksatitgul1 year ago
I really enjoyed building the castle thanks for a great project
16 1:59 PM.jpg
cwolsey (author)  JohanStofberg1 year ago
Fantastic work. Love the little trees and draw bridge ropes. It is nice to know someone else has benefited from the plans.
I am totally frustrated I don't have auto cad and cannot download your DWG files . Any suggestions
cwolsey (author)  JohanStofberg1 year ago
Are you having problems downloading the files from instructables or just not being able to open them?
If you can download them ok Autodesk who make autocad have a free DWG viewing program that you can use to open and print them called "DWG TrueView".
If you are still struggling I could export them again to A3 PDF's and email you if you PM me.
Let me know how you get on
Thanks a million I am in the process of downloading the file. I also found a friend who will download the files as well as printing it
cwolsey (author)  JohanStofberg1 year ago
Glad to here it. I would love to see the results
PainterMel1 year ago
My favorite part of the instructable is where you say 'I spent about a week learning how to use Autocad' ... that is so something I would do. Finished product looks great!
cwolsey (author)  PainterMel1 year ago
It paid off though. In my new job I use autocad sometimes to update system diagrams and knew how to use it a lot better than the guy who was teaching me.
This is so neat! Great job!
Kiteman1 year ago
That's a brilliant job, your daughter is a lucky girl.
cwolsey (author)  Kiteman1 year ago