"Do you believe in fairies? … If you believe clap your hands!"

Flutter around any Halloween party in one of these playful fairy costumes.  Here are all the instructions you need to make your own wings, wands, and tutus.  

And remember, you can always throw a little fairy dust on any non-believers you may encounter.
DIY Fairy Wings HOW-TO and BONUS Costume Essential style
No Fairy Wings...No problem! Threadbanger presents the first installation of Halloweeny Wednesdays teaching you how to make fairy wings from some old coat hangers and stockings. Time to Fly! ok first ...
Puppy Fairy Costume Wings style
If its an occasion for costumes, why not turn your fuzzy creature into a mythical one with these faerie wings? With barely any cost and just some skill you can make some wings for a dog (or anything e...
Crocheted Fairy Wings style
Last year for Gen Con when Mr. Fruppi wanted to dress up as Captain America, he convinced me that I should dress up too.  After giving a lot of thought as to what on earth I could wear, I finally came...
How-To: Tinkerbell Costume From a T-Shirt style
Here is an easy way to turn a t-shirt into a Tinkerbell costume!
kid friendly fluffy tutu! style
Ever feel the need to don a fluffy tutu? I'll teach you how to make one comparable to tutus sold in boutiques. They are SO easy to make, I don't know why people spend so much on them. I've seen some...
Make your own "hair gems" with snaps style
Hair gems are like hair clips, except they are tiny and don't hold your hair in place, and for that reason can be applied anywhere from root to tip. The idea is that you'd add more hair gems than you ...
Twist Wire Fast! (and make things like bubble blowers) style
Using a drill you can twist wire very fast for all kinds of projects. This is great for lots of decorative wire projects, bubble blowers, jewelry, holders, etc. I like to make handles for small tools ...
EL Wire Fairy Wings style
Fairy wings are totally awesome to begin with, especially at raves. What better way to make them more rave-appropriate than to make them light up? EL wire is awesome for this, as it keeps them light (...
TuTu Crazy style
a generic tulle skirt? pffftttt!Fairy wood imp frippery? NOT for YOU!oooh NO!you seek the most groovalicious of ALL tutus.One that shows the universe your ultimate love for firefighters, farm houses a...
Big t-shirt to little angel style
Turn a boring white t-shirt into a great angel costume for kids! Requires: 1 big white t-shirt 2 m of lace 1/2 m of ribbon scissors sewing machine 2 sheets of cardboard (A4)