Introduction: Fairy Doors

Picture of Fairy Doors

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

First you will need to gather the materials.

Step 2: Rolling Flattening and Cutting

Picture of Rolling Flattening and Cutting

First you will need gold Clay to flatten out. Then you will need to cut it with a blade.

Step 3: Texture

Picture of Texture

I used plastic and prints, but you may just want to make them out of a needle or something like that.

Step 4: Clay Tattoo

Picture of Clay Tattoo

These are things like Clay tattoos.

Step 5: Metal Hearts

Picture of Metal Hearts

These are metal hearts I put on a lot of Clay things.

Step 6: Vines

Picture of Vines

Roll piece of green clay then place it over your fairy door.

Step 7: Hinges

Picture of Hinges

Take a silver piece of clay and cut it and make imprint on it.

Step 8: Flowers

Picture of Flowers

Take a colored piece of clay draw a flower on it then put a Nother tiny piece of colored clay in the middle.

Step 9: Handle

Picture of Handle

Take a silver piece of clay bend it and put a design on it.

Step 10: Dirt

Picture of Dirt

Take a brown piece of clay and kind of shred it so it is tiny tiny pieces of brown clay then put them on your fairy door.

Step 11: Chalk

Picture of Chalk

Shred some chalk over it then dusted off or blow it off.

Step 12: Baking

Picture of Baking

Bake it at 250° for 20 minutes.


pickleman1234567890 (author)2014-12-02

Cool but why in the Playstation section

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Cool! :)

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