Fairy House Lamp Using Plastic Bottles





Introduction: Fairy House Lamp Using Plastic Bottles

Hello, in this tutorial I show you how I made a fairy house lamp using nothing but coca cola plastic bottles, tin foil, paint, hot glue and paper clay

Step 1: Adjusting the Plastic Bottles

I first cut the bottoms of the large bottles, and adjusted the length of the small one. I then glue the coke bottles together.

Step 2: Shaping the Fairy House With Tin Foil

Build the shape of the house using tin foil and hot glue. This is a fast way to achieve a basic volume that will be the base for our paper clay. You should have the general shape of your fairy house in no time. Next we will draw the locations of the windows and door of the fairy house. Considering it will be a lamp you should draw as many windows as you can so the light will come out nicely.

Step 3: Cover With Paper Clay

You can now cover everything with paper clay. (I used "Das modelling material" but you can use Keraplast or any paper clay or even a homemade paper clay - I have a video about that on my YouTube channel) I use paper clay because it doesn't shrink like normal air dry clay. So don't use natural air dry clay, it will shrink and that will result in a lot of cracks around your bottles.

You can work in one layer or, if you are a beginner you should work in two layers, one for covering the surface and the second one for the details like wood texture, roof tiles, chimney, door steps. After the paper clay is dry you can easily add more details using tin foil and hot glue. For example I added some wood under the little balcony. The roof tiles should be placed starting from the bottom of the roof and working your way up. Let everything dry.

Step 4: Painting and TADA!

I used watercolors and watercolor crayons for painting because I like working in layers and be able to change if I don't like the way it looks. You can also use acrylic paint. It's up to you. In the end you can seal the paint using some matte spray varnish. I placed some battery LED lights under the house. I recommend you use soft lights that will gently illuminate your windows so it looks like a real house. DON'T USE HEAT EMITTING LIGHTS!

I hope you like my project. See you!



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    2 Questions

    Where can i find a list of recommended tools/materials etc. that i would need to keep on hand create some fairy homes using plastic bottles? (glue gun, glue, paints, etc.)


    Are you using a high heat or low heat glue gun?


    How charming!! This one I definitely have to try! Thank you

    Can be made with Pal Tiya. Modelling material for permanent outdoors sculpture/ features for the garden. Go to Pal Tiya Facebook.

    fantastic, novel and looks great. Well done!

    Great - I'm debating sending a link to my wife as she will want one or fifty six!

    As she hasn't got a birthday until next 18th December I think I'll risk it.

    What clay would you use for outdoors?

    I will try to make one in the future, thank you for sharing

    WOW!!! you are amazing

    Amazing! Hands down, the best use of those dreaded plastic bottles EVER!! You are more than creative, Creative Mother. You are an artiste! =)

    that is pretty cool house. i like those silly windows all around :) thanks for sharing.

    These are beautiful!

    neat looking ! and maybe using the flickering type lights will make it look like it is lit by a fire/candles and not electricity. could add cotton colored gray for smoke .

    really good instructions very detailed

    you can get battery light strings at the dollar tree some are colored

    Can you please provide a picture of battery LED lights I can no find this on the internet. thanks

    Como fazer para traduzir para o português

    Since I'm not that keen on using tin foil due to enviromental concerns - can you recommend something else?

    Великолепно!!! Обязательно попробую! Благодарю!!!

    Good instructable

    Love it. Congratulations

    WOW! These will make great gifts! Thank You for making this possible!