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Encourage the little people to visit your house by making a little door for them.

Kids love making these.

A completed fairy door along with a door blank makes a lovely party bag gift.

We made ours from cardboard and decorated with felt tip pens and bits and bobs from the craft box. You may prefer to use plywood and paint for a waterproof outdoors version.

Step 1:

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Cut out the door from cardboard.
(Tip: make sure the ridges run vertically, that way it looks like a panelled door)

We chose a door shape with a curved top, you might want a different style.

Step 2:

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Make a window using a craft knife.

You can either cut right through the cardboard like we did, or just through the top layer.

We taped a sweetie wrapper over the back to look like stained glass.

(Tip: If you choose the cutting through the top layer method, save the cutout section as a template for your glass or curtain which can then be glued directly on to the cardboard.)

Step 3:

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This is the part kids love!

You can use gold pens for door furniture such as hinges, knockers, letterboxes, handles etc.

(Tip: paper fasteners make great door knobs - just remember to tape over the sharp bits on the reverse)

We followed the lines of the cardboard with a pen to give the door an old-fashioned wooden panel effect.

You can add stickers or draw on flowers and other features.

Step 4:

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Now you need to find a place in your home to hide these and welcome the fairies, faeries, elves, pixies, leprachauns, sprites and other friendly little folk into your home.

Warning: Fairy Door Making can be addictive.


Duct Tape Dude (author)2010-02-14

When I saw "Fairy, Pixie, Elf, Leprecahn door" I immediatly thought *boom* "Ow...bumped my head again"

phoenyxashe (author)2009-09-24

These are great. I've seen them made out of all sorts of materials, but I like how these are kid friendly as well.

hg341 (author)2009-03-16

hum elfs are not all small like tv makes them out to be

j-bar03 (author)hg3412009-03-16

You can alter the size according to your housemates sizes!

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