Fairy Potion (Orchid Extract & Unicorn Spit) flavoring for kids or magical grown-ups

Picture of Fairy Potion (Orchid Extract & Unicorn Spit) flavoring for kids or magical grown-ups
I love adding a drop of vanilla to my coffee, hot chocolate, cherrios, tea, icecream, everything and anything, to give it a bit more of a scrumptious flavor.
When I was a kid, we always had a gigantic bottle of La Vencedora Mexican Vanilla extract and I never could understand why anyone would opt for imitation.
The only problem was the bottle was SO gigantic, it was a hassle to use, especially for kids, and mostly reserved for big baking projects. Now that I have my own kids, and I realized I can get them to drink anything by saying it's either A)Magical, or B)Unicorns like it, I decided what could be more simple than creating a magical potion that I could store in the fridge and use over and over again.

First step was to find the perfect bottle. I did quite a bit of searching for a perfect dropper bottle. I wanted something that looked ancient and legit. A cobalt blue glass bottle with a dropper was perfect! I got mine on Etsy but you can also find them on Ebay.
Be sure to get the kind with the dropper.
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Step 1: Design your label

Picture of Design your label
2012-11-06 09.24.37.jpg
The label is key to the magic. You can print out the label and tape it on, or go a step further and laser-etch it into the glass.
You  could also paint it on the glass or use acid etch. (feel free to use this label, it's pretty basic! The font is "Precious" and the fairy is just a little sillouette I stuck on there)