It took a little while to make(had to let each coat dry, and the final glueing), but i think it turned out quite nicely :)
LED's from Elemental LED, glued to the inside and wired through the back holes
wings are three layers of paper that connect through the middle of the plastic ball covered in glo paint :)
<p>is this the fairy in a bottle?</p>
What were the wings made out of? and what kind of ball did you use?
The wings are made of paper and glow in the dark paint, and the ball is just one of those clear quarter machine balls :P thanks for the question!
Sorry autocorrect made that comment weird
Hey! Listen!!
Ummm, what?
Aw come on; Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time? Once every 5 minutes Navi yells &quot;HEY! LISTEN!&quot; when she wants your attention? <br> <br>Thought it was a cool project, I voted
I think the people who play Zelda now dont really know what a nintendo 64 is and i cant say i know anyone who really bought a 3DS.... Its sad... But at least I got your joke! <br> <br>Cool Navi though!
I do in fact know what a Nintendo 64 is, and I figured out the joke a bit later :P <br>Thank you!!!
I didnt mean you specifically, just in general! :]
Please vote for me!!! :) <br>comment on my piece as well!

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