Do you have issues with dying a lot? or do you just happen to want something nice on your mantle? Either way, this instructable might be for you!

Based off of the designs used in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, I bring you the fairy in a bottle. This cute little guy features 2 Pink LEDs with a toggle switch to turn it on and off.

Approximate completion time: 3 Hours.
Approximate cost: ~$10

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Step 1: Materials

You will need the following materials: 

1x Bottle, preferably a former milk bottle, with cork lid (I found mine at Goodwill for $1.50. Secondhand stores work best).
1x Ping Pong Ball; it is important that this be white and have no brand markings/labels. As such, the dollar store is your best bet.
1x Clear Plastic Folder and/or similar thin but dextrous plastic.
1x Button Cell battery. I used a 1616 with tabs for easy soldering. A 2032 will likely last longer, if you wanted to.
1x Resistor, 12ohm. (optional; it probably isn't necessary, but it didn't hurt to put in the circuit)
1x Ultra mini toggle switch.
2x Pink LEDs, preferably diffused***

Thin cardboard, such as that of a soda box
Thin wire, higher than 22 gauge.

You will also need the following tools:

Drilling implement (Hand drill, Power Drill or Drill Press) with the following bits: 5/16th" and 3/16th".
Super Glue
Scalpel and/or Scissors
Soldering Iron + Solder
Center Finder (optional)
Ink writing implement.
Wire Strippers


***for a complete guide to diffusing your LEDs, go to https://www.instructables.com/id/how-to-defuse-an-LED/
<p>Thank you so much for this tutorial! I have ALWAYS wanted one of these. After my failed experiment with LEDs making blue night lights for a fish tank, I was sort of scared to try again, but this project is much more simple than the other undertaking. XD.<br>I used a slow fade color change LED, two cork coasters (from IKEA I think) glued together for the cork bit, and didn't actual solder since I couldn't find the power cable... I just wrapped the wire bits are the bits they were supposed to go to and so long as everything is touching the right thing, it works fine. ^_^</p><p>I looked and looked but couldn't find an appropriate bottle so I ending up using a $1.50 green tinted one (they didn't have clear and the tint doesn't effect the LED colors) I got at Michaels. I like the added handle though I did spend a lot of time fixing the wings and making them smaller and smaller until they fit. I still have leftover parts enough to make another with a hopefully bigger better bottle (which I have yet to find) and will post if I make another.</p><p>Thanks again! &lt;3</p><p>(The last image is from the back and I don't know why it looks white as the LED doesn't turn white at any point)</p>
<p>That's adorable! The smaller scale just makes yours so cute! Also, love the Colour-change LEDs.</p>
<p>Oh, I also used a plastic Fiji water bottle which I roughed up with sandpaper to mattify a bit for the wings. In case people don't have something else readily available for the wings. :3 Hope that helps anyone attempting this project.</p>
<p>You, my friend, are a genuise! I spelled that wrong didn't I? Oh well! </p>
<p>I thought of gluing refractive beads or sequins on the ping pong ball. What do people think?</p>
<p>If you do, let me know how it works I'm curious.</p>
Just finnished this! Very cute. I ended up spending more like $25 on it because i couldn't find a bottle at goodwill, and then i couldn't fond a bottle with a cork at hobby lobby, so we improvised. The &quot;cork&quot; is a foam piece with some thin adhesive cork covering it. It was much easier to carve out the internal pieces from the &quot;cork&quot; for this as well and then i found i didn't need to diffuse the led's, and the resistor dulled the light so much i couldn't see the light at all so i took it out completely. Really you can skip a couple of steps. Other than the cork nightmare it was really simple and cheep. Very cute night-light type thing.
<p>:D This is cute!!!</p>
This is amazing! I am definitly going to make this.
great, really ;)
This is so cool!!!! I am not technologically inclined, so I might try painting the ping pong ball with glow-in-the-dark paint. :3
It's funny that you mention that, cause I'm considering combining LEDs and glow-in-the-dark paint with what remains of my ping pong balls for my next project. <br> <br>If you do it before I do, make sure to tell me how it turns out :P <br>I'll be sure to do the same (in my next instructable, if it works well).
Love it, i know some zelda nuts who will LOVE this
&quot;I'm Navi the fairy! The Great Deku Tree asked me to be your partner from now on! Nice to meet you!&quot; BY GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE :P
That is so cute, I love it!
This is adorable. I think I need one. :D
Very cute!

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