I was looking for a fun craft project to help kids learn about aeronautics.  I stumbled onto WYE_Lance’s  Rubberband Helicopters Instructable and I came up with the following derivative based on his design that uses Disney Fairies Playing cards instead of the helicopter construction paper cut out.  Thank you WYE_Lance for the inspiration.

For lack of a better name, I refer to it as a “Rubber Band Fairycopter (Fairy Helicopter)”.  Although I used Disney Fairies Playing cards for my graphic art, the back of any themed or decorative playing card can be used.

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Summary of Procedures:
  1. Getting your Materials (Parts & Tools)
    • Get Parts: 6" Diameter Nose Hook Propeller, 7" Motor Loops, 4.5" Craft / Popsicle Sticks (used colored ones for added flare), 8mm 18 Gauge Open Jump Rings, Standard 1/4" Staple.
    • Get Tools: Needle Nose Pillars, Drill, 1/16” Drill bit, Stapler, Tape Measure.
  2. Prepare Craft Stick
    • Drill 1/16” hole into one end of the craft stick; roughly centered between bottom and both edges.
  3. Prepare Motor Loop
    • Cut 7" Motor Loops in half and knot loop cut end.
  4. Assemble Craft Stick parts
    • Open Jump Rings and thread through drilled hole of craft sticks.
    • Hook modified Motor Loops on Propeller Nose Hook and threaded Jump Rings.
    • Place 6" Diameter Nose Hook Propeller housing onto craft stick.
    • Close Jump Ring and Propeller Nose Hook (if needed).
  5. Fasten Playing card to Assembly
    • Staple Playing Card onto Assembled Craft Stick with Propeller and Motor Loop.
  6. Operation and Safety
    • Wind the propeller clock wise until desired tension.
    • Release propeller and let go.

Step 1: Material List (Parts and Tools)

Item: Playing cards
  • Use: Provides graphic art for helicopter.  Any bicycle size themed playing card will work; I used “Disney Fairies Playing cards” to make Fairycopers
  • Price: Amazon has them for $1.95 a pack; each pack has 52 fairy cards or $0.03 per card. 

Item: 6" Diameter Nose Hook Propeller
Item: 7" Motor Loops
Item: 4.5" Craft / Popsicle Sticks
Item: 8mm 18 Gauge Jump Rings
Item: Standard 1/4" Staple
  • Use: Playing Card to Craft Stick
  • Price: This is a pretty common item at any office supply store.  You will usually need to buy a box worth; hopefully you just have this laying around.  You can usually get a box of 5000 for ~$3.00.

  • Drill & 1/16” Drill bit: Drill hole into 4.5" Craft / Popsicle Sticks so that jump ring can be threaded.
  • Scissors / Utility Knife: Cut 7” Motor Loop band in half.
  • Needle Nose Pillars: Pry apart and close jump ring, open up noise hook (if needed), fully bend over staple (if not completed by stapler).
  • Stapler: Secure Themed playing card to 4.5" Craft / Popsicle Stick.
  • Pencil, pen, marker: used to mark drill hole for jump ring.

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