Faux Argyle Scarf





Introduction: Faux Argyle Scarf

I designed this crocheted scarf using a wedge-point stitch pattern. The sample is shown in [http://cache.lionbrand.com//yarns/woolease.htm Lion Brand Wool-Ease] (gray & pink) worked on a size I hook. I chained a length and began working the rows of wedges. When I turned the scarf lengthwise at the end of the 4th row, I realized I had created a "fake" argyle design! My daughter loves argyle and has a pair of gray & pink argyle socks to match, so this scarf now belongs to her. The crocheting is fast and fun. Each wedge point is simply a repeat of sc, hdc, dc, trc, and dtr, and it was exciting to see how the pattern played out in the finished scarf. A little fringe on each end and voila! The "Fake Argyle Scarf!!"



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    I agree with stinkymum. I am very picky about scarves but I would definitely wear this one! Excellent work; it is very beautiful!


    Thank you very much -- it was a pleasant surprise to see the finished result of all those wedges!

    This is a really nice idea. This is a scarf I would wear.


    Thank you! Guess I'll have to make another one for myself, since DD has this one now. :)

    pretty scarf. I like the slideshow as well. The pics are nicely done.


    Thanks! I actually designed this while on vacation at a ski area, so the hotel was the site of the photo shoot!! :)

    Awesome design! And designpieces is right, it would look like alligator teeth! Nice job, it looks great!


    Thank you! It's always a blast trying a new stitch pattern.

    Hey, cool! If you did it in green and white, it could look like alligator teeth! :)


    Yes, imagine the possibilities -- I was pleasantly surprised by the discovery of argyle-ness when it was turned vertically. Thanks!