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Introduction: Fake Blood Paste Recipe - Very Realistic

Hey Guys,

I am a part time Make-Up artist in South Africa. I was called to do work on someone this weekend at a Global Environmental Health and Safety award. My job was to mess up the actor and make it look like he was seriously injured in the mine on the premisis. Blood paste here is insanely expensive.

So here's what I used as a cheaper alternative:

What you will need:

1 - Crimson Red food colouring
2 - Green food colouring
3 - Egg Yellow food colouring
4 - Cheap Transparent Hair thick hair gel
5 - Teaspoon
6 - Small syringe
7 - Small Plastic container


1. Take 2 heaped teaspoons of hair gel and put it into the container.

2. Put a Teaspoon of Crimson Red food colouring into the container,
and mix well with the teaspoon.

3. Use the syringe to suck up some green food colouring, and put 3
drops of green into the mixture, again, mix well.

4. Clean the syringe with warm water, and suck up some egg yellow food
colouring, and add 3 drops to the mixture, mix well.

5. Finally, add an extra 4 drops of Crimson Red food colouring to get
the right "realistic" blood tone you like.

This recipe is for a blood paste, which doesnt run. What's great about
it is the fact that it doesnt stain the skin because the hair gel has
a cleansing agent in it. I have not yet tested it on clothing, but I
am guessing it WILL stain material. But as fr the Skin, it's wonderful
compared to other expensive professional blood paste products, and
looks extactly the same. For larger quantities, do measurements
according to your desired amount.

Hope you like it!

Couldnt attach photos... For some strange reason :(.

So here is an external link:




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    cool will definitely try

    works well and is really creepy

    Hey, I was just wondering if it dries stiff or can it be smeared? If it smears do you know anyway that can prevent that? Or anyways you recommend to try?

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I was lookin for a fake blood recipe that fidnt require corn syrup and this was it!

    Thanks for this, it's so easy and pretty fun to do. I only managed to find Pillarbox Red however, so I will have to experiment. It seems colours are really sensitive, and blood is quite a subtle tone - one which you seem to have managed well! Nice work :)

    did you recommend a specific brand gel or would any work?

    I followed your directions....One of the best Blood recipe's I've ever used! I'd say better than most commercially bought bloods I've used, you can make as much as you need, and way cheaper.


    Thanks :) Im always looking for quality along with value. But sometimes things here get insanely expensive. Thought the idea was pretty cool, so tried it out and voila! Worked quite nicely.. Glad you like it.

    I really like the first picture. It looks like someone tried to spear the head with a pipe. Ouch.