Picture of Fake
This is a fake bomb timer to use, with caution, on long flights or if people are bothering you out in public. But it is especially for use on April Fools Day.

Thanks to Mike Solomon for his timer.

I do not endorse use on flights, the above line was also an April Fools joke. Please, use caution when pulling this prank, especially if you are pulling it on a flight. Airport and Airline security WILL take this prank seriously and you can be either arrested or thrown off the flight at the next airport.
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Step 1: Download Timer

Picture of Download Timer
Now that I am done with the disclaimer, we begin.

The timer is located in the link on this page or below.
Right click on either link and click download, or save link as.
Choose a location, Enter the name or leave as countdown.swf, and hit save.
That is if you just want to save it to your hard drive to pull up later.

Copy this URL for later:  and follow more steps if you want to follow the more decorative path.

Step 2: Making the Presentation

Picture of Making the Presentation
In this Optional step you put the flash file into a presentation program like MS Publisher or OpenOffice Impress. I am using Impress because I couldn't afford Publisher.

Open Impress, choose Blank Template, and clear all of the pre-inserted objects.
Go to Insert>Object>Plug-in...
Insert in the File/URL box and hit OK.
Select the timer, which is small, by clicking and dragging.
When you let go of the mouse button handles for re-sizing the object will appear at the edges and corners. Click and drag these to all four corners/edges. The timer itself won't re-size until a little later, don't worry, it will get larger.
Nabiel5 months ago
Making one of these should have you put in jail for intention. Also the fool who came up with the idea to use Arabic should be punished for the racist insinuation.
hellspawned6 months ago

this is a bit distastful

hey, that can be very offensive to muslims and people of that culture.
supergilligan (author)  electro centaur2 years ago
Sorry, I saw the swf file on the internet and figured I can make an april fools joke out of it. No offense meant.
tinker2342 years ago
wow i like the idea i wonder if i set this in start up with some wires and clay around a computer
supergilligan (author)  tinker2342 years ago
You should try that. It will be a very nice instructable.
i might i need to find a victim other then my neighbor after the indecent last year
caitlinsdad2 years ago
Do you have any idea of what the foreign language title translates into? I do not know but hope the message is benign. Greetings from Ground Zero.
supergilligan (author)  caitlinsdad2 years ago
I Read someone's rough translation of the text and it didn't have anything malicious. Infact, their translation sounded like the person who made the original timer on just cobbled the text together.