Picture of Fake Bomb
This is a fake bomb made from the cardboard tube from a roller blind.

Step 1: The Bits

What you need is, cardboard roller blind tube, wire,insulating tape. cooking timer. paint or dye. end caps.
You could use rolled up newspaper instead of pvc
bfarm1 year ago
Sneak this into your friends carry on before they get to the airport. Lots of fun.

TSA will love it!
floppyjoe (author)  bfarm1 year ago
I had a look on this site and see quite a few similar projects....
It's a prop for my airsoft target range in my attic. watch out.....More to come.

Not the smartest thing in the world. Just be careful with it if you make it.
floppyjoe (author)  Jaxton Maez1 year ago
I made this in my attic and it will never see the light of day. I just picked up the tube and thought what could I make with this. with all the bits and pieces I had kicking around it took minutes cost nothing and is just a gimic.
loudboy1 year ago
Probably too realistic. Are you making this for a costume? Perhaps consider making it very blatantly cartoonist, or risk an overreaction from nervous bystanders.

Please don't get shot.
floppyjoe (author)  loudboy1 year ago
This will never be seen outside. It probably won't even be seen by my family. It was made in my attic andwill stay there.