Fake Box Storage Solution





Introduction: Fake Box Storage Solution

My latest creation: An easy and quick storage solution to make your shelves look better without having to re-organize or spend a fortune on doors, drawers or baskets! Great for when company is coming and you're pressed for time too :) Hope you like it! Thanks for checking it out! xoxo Steph :)



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    This is really a great idea! I have a huge pair of bookcases that I have evicted the books from to make room for various crafting tools and materials, and I made four long straight curtains to hang down and hide them, but I found out that the curtains are a nuisance because every time I want to see any shelf in one of the four columns, I have to move the entire curtain, and then it gets wrinkled.

    I like baskets, but couldn't afford to buy enough to house all my stuff, so this has been a problem for a long time. Your demo gives me enough instructions to make rectangular fake boxes, one for each individual shelf. Thanks so much!