Picture of Fake Cupcakes!
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No, you can't eat them. No, they do not contain anything edible. Why then?, you ask...let me explain
I had a dream that cupcakes were hanging from my ceiling (I know, I have very strange dreams) and decided I wanted to make it come true. The problem was...real cupcakes wouldn't last long and would be very gross and heavy. So I decided to make lightweight, fake ones.
Looking on the Internet for instructions was a pain in the butt because everyone had their "secret recipe" they weren't willing to share.
After a long and diligent search, I finally gleaned enough info to start...
so I am going to share all the instructions FOR FREE and to anyone who wants to see them!
You may republish this, you may sell fake cupcakes to your hearts desire, but I do not suggest eating them...
And what else can they be used for? They make great card holders! Just put a card with something along the lines of "Happy Birthday to one SWEET girl" or something cheesy like that. They make wonderful ornaments too, since they are incredibly lightweight. They can hold photos or business cards too...if you own a bakery or know someone who does, they can also be used in window displays. These do NOT contain any food ingredients, so they wont attract pests or animals, mold, rot, or deteriorate. They will last virtually forever.
Now isn't it refreshing to see artistic directions with no strings attached? I'd love too see your pics and hear your ideas too!

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
You will need:

a small can of expansion foam (ask for it at your hardware store)
cupcake papers
rubber gloves (you WILL want these!)
old clothes (I doubt they will look the same at the end if you're anything like me...)
muffin tin
mini muffin tin and papers (optional)
plastic bags
acrylic paint
sculpey or other polymer clay (optional)
fine glitter (optional)
a container of LIGHTWEIGHT spackle (a little goes a long ways..)
an electric mixer
a spoon
a bowl
pastry bag with star tip (big star tip!)
water-based varnish (optional)
wire (at least 22 gauge...20 would be about perfect)

Now that you've gone to the hardware store...you're ready to start!
milleyboo07 made it!6 years ago
i made cupcakes! yay. hope you guys enjoy. the sprinkles i just used beads from Joannes crafts. let me know what you think! :)
these look amazing! where did you get the cupcake papers big enough to fit the cupcake??
shortone (author)  princeza14 years ago
so how big did they turn out? They look great! :)
looks so yumi! the beads look real. how did u make the frosting?
those look awesom from a distance. In the last shot you can tell they are beads but, stil FAABULOUS!
jen.hadley.359 months ago
I have been experimenting with these; and really don't feel there's enough info online about them. I've had a bunch of problems, but am determined to perfect it because I think they're really cute and something I could sell.
My first attempt was a total flop; I didn't spray the foam carefully and ended up with a messy cupcake top and the cups were way too full. My next attempt, my boyfriend helped me and they came out like perfect dome shapes cupcakes. A few days later though the bottoms were all scrunched in; and looked pretty bad. So for my last attempt, I added one larger sized washer to the bottoms of each cup, held in with about 3 tbsp of plaster of Paris mix. I figure this would not only help provide a weighted flat bottom so they don't topple over, but would also help prevent the foam from sucking in the bottoms when it finally dries. I let the plaster harden for a day, then carefully sprayed the foam, making sure I didn't over fill them.
They looked great for about a day, and I've just now gone back to them and instead of the bottoms sucking in, the sides have. The plaster and washer method did it's job, but the foam just chose to pull in the sides instead when it dried.
So, I'm about $50 into my experimenting with these things and figure I'm a long way away from producing a fake cupcake that will last for years, and one that looks like the ones I see in photos online.
I might try peeling these ones out of their paper cups and gluing them into new cups...who knows.
I like the look that the spray foam gives; it's very realistic. But it would be so much easier to just get some cheap styrofoam balls and go from there.
It's really hard finding information on these online, other people must have come across these problems before?
My house temperature isn't wonky; so it's nothing like that.
Anyway, to anyone wanting to make these GOOD LUCK, be prepared to have a bunch of batches fail miserably, it's really not as simple as some of these tutorials suggest.
If I get anywhere with mine I will post my method here :)
Cheers! -Jen
Maybe you could try something like espak soft by prochima or alumilite flex foam instead of spray foam it might be easier but I would recommend that you put them in silicone cups then when they dry put them in paper cups but it's totally optional
rene.thurston9 months ago

Okay, this is a really old post, but I'm hoping you're still answering questions!! I'm actually wondering if after all this time you might have found an option for frosting that doesn't dry as hard - in fact, dries kind of spongy and squishy like the expansion foam? I want to be able to display cupcake picks in these when they're done, and the picks need to be able to push through the "frosting." Any ideas? Thanks thanks!

You could try silicone

try shaping the 'frosting' out of model magic in a little swirl and glue it on?

I've seen some people using white silicone as frosting, I don't see why it wouldn't work, that stuff sticks to anything! You could use it straight out of the tube or you could put some into a small bag and colour it, I would think. Just an idea. :)
wolfgirl963 months ago

These are so cute and im in the process of making them now! Plus I was able to use the frosting idea (which is fab) to decorate some shoes to look like cake! Thanks a ton!

TBJKC10 months ago

I am going to make more when I get another can of spray foam and more Spackle. I made a mistake on not making the whole can. does anyone know how many cupcakes up can get out of a can of spray foam? will need a big tub of Spackle. only got 9 out of a small tub of Spackle. everyone loved them.


Martha Lofton

wolfgirl96 TBJKC3 months ago

one can of foam made 62 cupcakes for me

I need to make a fake birthday cake for a musical. This will be perfect! Thanks!!

tom.thelen.717 months ago

My daughter bought one of these at Bronners, now we will make our own. They are soo cool

TBJKC11 months ago

how long does these cupcake ornaments last? years or one or more years?







Love It!

Bellie141 year ago
Great idea thank you for sharing this with the world!
I think these would make really cute wedding favors, like have them near the plates at the reception so everyone gets on, and have a little note that says "May these cupcakes last as long as our union." I feel these could also be easily scented with some essential oils or something, but then they would be that much more tempting!
Wynd4 years ago
I love these! I will be trying to make them super small to make into charms for earrings, necklaces, etc =D Thank you for sharing!
shortone (author)  Wynd3 years ago
You might try polymer clay for that, you can get a lot more detail on a small scale. :)
How would you do that? can you make a tutorial for that, because polymer clay dosnt rise....
They're really simple, especially with a peanut butter cup mold for the bottoms.
bhumphrey12 years ago
Read many blogs on how this "stuff" doesn't work to make cake or cupcake dummies. Shenanigans! Works like a charm! Dries fast and very lightweight! Thanks for posting!
SlengTeoh2 years ago
hello.. are you selling these faux cupcakes??
dhbaldwin2 years ago
I am teaching about stage props in a creative dramatics class and wondered about the approximate cost per cupcake.
Renee!2 years ago
Those are sooo cute! What a cool idea.
poofrabbit2 years ago
I've wanted to do this too!!! I'm so excited you posted all the instruction, thanks so much!
malibini2 years ago
OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO COOL! Mad Hatter made a compact mirror with fake cupcakes but then took it down. Now I pretty much know how with this tutorial! Thanks! Do you have any tips for putting it on something, like a compact mirror??? :P
kellythrills made it!2 years ago
Awesome awesome, wicked steps to follow!! To make a giant cupcake I just used the expansion foam in an angel food cake tin. Then fan folded the paper to attach to the tin afterward.
lakenbrooks3 years ago
These are great instructions, and my cupcakes turned out beautifully! I thought I would tell you the story of my trip to the hardware store in order to get supplies for the cupcakes:
myself-"Sir, would you tell me where the expansion foam and drywall spackle are?"
employee-(looking a little impressed) "they are on this aisle..so, what kind of expansion foam do you need?"
myself-"Um, well, I'm not quite sure.."
employee-"Well, what are you doing to be doing with it?"
myself'-"Oh, I'm making fake cupcakes!"
employee-(impressed look fades and is replaced by a look of slight horror)
I had almost the same look but I didn't tell them fake cupcakes...
shortone (author)  lakenbrooks3 years ago
This happens just about every time I go to the hardware store haha. You'd think they would get used to the strange requests, being so close to an art college...
HMice shortone3 years ago
I know! Even in an art shop I got strange looks:

Me: (hands the saleswoman coloured felt) These please.
Woman: Good choice. What are you making?
Me: Donuts :D
Woman: Oh. (frowns)
gtoal3 years ago
You can make a really convincing icing by mixing Type I silicone caulk with corn starch (search Instructables for the "Oogoo" post) died with acrylic paint. You can make it shiny by rubbing a little soft soap on your hands then polishing the mixture between your palms once it gets past the gooey stage.

Looks like icing but feels like rubber.
I made cupcakes like this several years ago for a visual display in a retail environment. I used royal icing for the icing and I can say that 4 yrs later the icing is still going strong. It does get very hard and will crack and break off if mishandled but a retail setting is a pretty good place to try somethings abillity to withstand abuse. People are not considerate of things that don't belong to them. Oh also, I did spray a light coat of shellac on them to make them shiny.
cms364515 years ago
I made mine and in about 2 days they had sunk in. I used the exact things you used and did it step by step. I can't figure out why this happened.
shortone (author)  cms364515 years ago
Huh, that's strange...is it really humid where you live? Or maybe you didn't let the expansion foam dry completely before "frosting" it with the spackle and the spackle weighed it down and made it sink? Could you elaborate on "sunk in"? How did it sink in?
Some of mine also sunk in. It is because more air got into if then the foam. You have to shake the can a few times through out the process to make sure your not just shooting air into it.. The big pink one I did sunk a bit from the time the picture was taken but it still looks great. Hope this helps
what did you use for paper cup with large cupcake?
I know this is late in the game, but you may have used the soft expanding foam designed to be flexible after drying. It makes it safe for doors and windows, but is crummy for cupcakes I would guess.
shortone (author)  Robyntheslug4 years ago
Nope, if you get the expansion foam meant for simply filing in, it dries stiff but lightweight and makes very realistic cupcakes. :)
katiebugz133 years ago
I started making these over a year ago and here are a couple of hints: try using silicone caulk with an icing tip taped to the tube and apply like you would on a cupcake. Do not i repeat do not try to use real sprinkles on the caulk...the dye runs and makes a huge mess and wastes your time and effort. I learned this the hard way. And finally for the sinking in at the bottom. This is caused from to much humidity there is no way to correct it you need to make the cake parts when you know the humidity is going to be low for at least 3 days. Eeven if the cupcake looks and feels dry the humidity can still get to it and ruin your project. also a good weight for the bottom is buck shot if you have any. It is very heavy and not much is needed to hold the whole thing down.
i really like the idea but it seems hard to make...... ;(
laurasnowling made it!3 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing this - it's amazing and so pleased with the results!!
cherbear623 years ago
Oh My Gosh!!! I can't Thank You enough for this Info!! I'm Sooo excited to have
found this info. Before I found this info I wanted to see what these cupcakes looked like so I did Order One from Etsy which cost me $10.00 Yikes lol lol It
will take a Few weeks ( are you kidding) to receive this cupcake from the seller.
Anyways I went to our local Home Depot and got all the things needed. I Love
Love Love this Foam!! Went to a cake shop and picked up the Large Jumbo Papers for cupcakes and a few cute small one's. DON'T be afraid of the Large
Foam Can!! ONE can made me 35 ( Yikes) cupcakes. So be set to make alot of
them. I made only 4 little ones. Went in the garage put the papers in a cut-off cardboard box and Stood-UP while pressing down the foam can's spout. It works like a charm after the first cupcake I got the hang of how to make a circle motion in the paper cup. I DID NOT USE ANY TIN to hold the papers. I did put a few coins in the bottom of a few papers just because lol lol These are Super Super light weight like she said :-)) A little goes a long ways. So
they sat in the garage overnight and this morning they puffed up large and now are rounder in looks. I'm NOT going to paint OR put spackle yet as I want
them to really dry out for a few days!! I did NOT have any ( on bottom of the paper ) problems with the paper wrinkles like some people had photo's of.
I'm just going to let them dry dry awhile. All the cupcakes now look Round in
shape in the papers. So I took one and just took a knife and cut the round part off to make it a flat service ready to paint around the edges and put the colored
spackle on them :-))) The foam is sticky but it really not messy like I thought it would be. Just remember when you Fill The Papers mover the Foam in a circle motion and fill. Also watch it as it DOES puff-up Alot so less is better.
Hope this long note helps everyone. I plan to go get some Wire today as I
want to make some cupcakes to hold a photo / graphic etc. These were so
much fun to make and I can't Thank You enough for your Post!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will post some photo's when I get done with these cuties.
Have Fun Cupcake Lovers :-)))
gostlady63 years ago
Thank you soooooo much. I tried your cupcakes today. I wish I had taken pictures they were so funny. I thought they had grown all they would but I was wrong. I have huge cupcakes. I did though put plaster in the bottom of the cups for weight (worked really well) It just takes a little. Now I need to frost them. Again thanks for your help.
tinker2343 years ago
wow got a friend who would love these
kamoopsipooh made it!3 years ago
Every Christmas, I do crafts with my kids and make sure one of those crafts are at least ornaments. This one was quite a process as we made the majority of the decorations for the cupcakes. After trial and error (regarding humidity here) with the expansion foams, my daughter and I were finally able to make some cupcakes to put on the tree. I just can't thank you enough for sharing your "secret." MUCH MAHALOS! Thought I'd share with you how they turned out.
TheMrs3 years ago
I have looked high and low for instructions to make these!! I can't thank you enough! Each year, my kids and I make the ornaments for our Christmas tree. After New Year's, I allow them to each keep one and we toss the rest (yes, I am a lazy Mom hehe). This year, however I think we may decide to keep them all! Again, thank you!! We are making these as I type!
shortone (author)  TheMrs3 years ago
That's why I posted this-instructions for this technique are quite elusive ;) I'm glad you like it so much, and Merry Christmas!
portwood14 years ago
Ok, so I am making my first "batch"....everything went great until it came time to ice the cupcakes! I mixed the ACRYLIC paint with the spackle and it became really really runny! =( What am I doing wrong? Is it because the paint is "water based?" Do they make "Non-water based" acrylic paint? Thank you! Angie
shortone (author)  portwood13 years ago
No, you should have used acrylic just like you did. It's strange that the spackle got very runny...how long did you mix it for? If you mixed it for a long time that may have been the problem, I suppose?
You need to use either artist paints in a tube or go to the hardware with your own container and get the tints which are super concentrated since they are used to time paints.
HI there! I have made 2 batches of these using the exact expansion foam shown in the pics. I didnt paint and frost yet, but after 3 days of just the cakes sitting, the bottoms look like air has been sucked right out of them and they are shaped differently. Do you think paining right away somehow seals the cupcakes so they dont do that? I wanted to make these for a crafts fair in November, but I dont know how to solve this problem. Any help would be wonderful. I am attaching a picture. I did do them in tins and left the in the tins overnight. The first day they were great. By day 3, they looked like this.
shortone (author)  elewicki cacciola3 years ago
The bottoms of mine looked like that at first, but as soon as I started weighing them down with enough washers they worked just fine. Try using more weight in the bottom and leave them in the cupcake tins until they are COMPLETELY dry-it may take up to 5 days or so!
Had same problem here, anyone has any recommendations??
Mine deflated, pretty much sucked in with Great Stuff, looked much worse than your picture here. The only other expansion foam available in my area (boo to Great Stuff) is the Hilti brand. It's not a one-time use can and the shape holds. The downside is it cost over $7 in my area, but it works, and you still get a lot out of it and you don't have to use it all at once. Also, so the cups don't float up as it expands and cures, rather than weighing them down with a washer or penny, I used Rubber Cement. Twist or gently pull off. You can always rub off the rubber cement residue. You can probably find cheaper expansion foam that works just as well. Just thought I'd let you know.
I had the same problem! And my cupcakes kept popping themselves out of the tins and expanding so much that they looked like steamed pork buns instead of cupcakes. Have you heard anything regarding a solution to this??
get some museum wax from the hardware and use a pan just for fakes. coat the bottom of the pan with the was and press in the liner. You have to leave them in the pan for at least 12 hours is you want to keep a good cupcake shape. I got lots of CC pans at the $.99 store and use them only for fakes.
Using a cheap white wrapper and when the foam has finished doing its thing (according to a plumber friend up to 48 hours depending on humidity) then put on the final one. I suggest you use a spray mounting glue and do a quick dusting only into the inside of the liner then place ck squarely in the middle and then carefully press the liner onto the first white one.
MzPanda4 years ago
These are so awsome! I had one question and am a lil confused... When ur using the great stuff (foam) when your making the frosting, do u brake open the can? or do u squeeze it out from the can tube onto the bowl then mix paint into it? also how long does it take to dry and do u make the cupcakes the same time as the frosting? ^_^ hope to here from u.

I want to make big ones!
shortone (author)  MzPanda4 years ago
The foam is just used for the base of the cupcakes; I sprayed it right out the top into the cupcake papers. The FROSTING is spackle-I take that out of the container and mix paint into it.

To make big ones, you'll need to come up with some sort of giant papers that are more rigid than the smaller size. Not sure how to do that though...

I believe the expansion foam (cupcake base) takes about 1-2 days, as does the spackle. so about 4 days total.
Thanku, yes i made the big cupcakes already! ill post to show it to u,

Im still a lil confused , so what is spackle? can i find it at the hardware store with the expansion foam?

I thought u had made the frosting with the expansion foam lol i was about to open the can lol
shortone (author)  MzPanda4 years ago

spackle is something that is used to fill in nail holes in a wall before painting. I don't know what it is called over there, but I'm sure you have something similar. You should definitely be able to find it at the hardware store. It is generally white and comes in a tub and has a rather odd texture, difficult to explain...but when it's been mixed up and piped, it looks just like frosting. good luck!
Hey I am getting ready to make these cupcakes what isanother thing I could use to make the cupcake part even if u don't see it to make heavyer:-)
shortone (author)  sprinkles293 years ago
You could make the cupcake part out of plaster of paris, though I think you get a much more realistic look with the foam. You can add weights, such as rocks or washers from the hardware store, to ballast the cupcakes.
hi I am sooooo pleased i have found your recipe and can not wait to make them. can I ask what spacklel is. Not heard of this in england - is it some kind of powder ? For the giant papers could you not use Large Cake cases and attach fluted soft cardboard inside. Once the foam is inserted you would not see it?
shortone (author)  natbh88rw4 years ago
spackle is a sort of paste that is used on walls to cover cracks or nail-holes...not sure what it's called in England, but I'm sure there's some sort of equivalent. It's a very similar texture to frosting after you mix it up a bit.

hmmm, you'd have to be careful and make sure your cardboard was strong and didn't have any holes, or you'll NEVER get it out of your cake cases! expansion foam is extremely sticky!
I keep having the same problems as everyone else with the cupcake sinking in. I was thinking of putting a thin layer of plaster of on the bottom. Letting it dry and then putting the expansion foam on the top of that and seeing how it comes out.
Will keep everyone posted on how it works. P.S how do people make the large cupcakes. I saw someone say a lamp shade, but is there anything else others have used?
I used rubber cement to anchor the cups down and tried gluing a round piece of poster board on the inside bottom of the cup. I got a nice flat bottom, but day 2, the cup "sucked" in. The whole cake deflated. I'm in Hawaii and the humidity is higher than most. Anyone figure this out yet?

I'm just gonna use the plaster for the whole cake part for card or picture holders.
vstarr13 years ago
How long do these take to dry?
MelsBrushes made it!4 years ago
Here's one of them in case the link below doesn't work.. :)
picture 232-1.jpg
Wow! These are extraordinairy! What did you use for the frosting?! looks so real! Actually, what was your entire process if you don't mind me asking! Both you ladies did a phenominal job!
ooohh so pretty! Looks very wedding-y to me ;)
shortone (author)  MelsBrushes4 years ago
They look absolutely fantastic! :D
All thanks to you. So *big hug* sent your way. I'm going to make aload of mini christmassy ones to go on the tree. Chocolate ones, with white icing and fake holly berries and glitter on top!
Shaungrl3 years ago
Never thought of making small ones. Thanks for the instructions, now I need to make the 'real' size. LOL

I made HUGE ones, for the city where I work, using pleated lampshades as the 'paper'. If you use newspaper/some kind of filler for the larger version you can save LOTS of expand foam, which starts getting expensive quickly in large quanities. Add the foam in layers and allow to dry between layers. Also brown silicone works WONDERS as chocolate icing. And a red Christmas ornament makes for a yummy cherry; if you plop it in before the foam drys, it sticks. Hint: hanger side down into the foam.
sunshiine3 years ago
So cute! I found this on the z list! Thanks for sharing! Have a splendorous day!
Sarah-B4 years ago
Wow, your cupcakes are FABULOUS!!

It'd be great if you could do tutorial for the toppings too - I'd especially like to know how you shaped the choc chips?
shortone (author)  Sarah-B4 years ago
Hmm, the chocolate chips were pretty simple, I just rolled a small ball of brown polymer clay, flattened the bottom, and pinched the top into a point. Then I baked the clay according to directions and varnished with a water-based varnish. Hope it helps! :)

p.s. sorry it took so long to reply, I completely missed this comment!
I have been making cupfakes since October, my question is that this summer we are having an awful time with the cupcakes collapsing in the middle as they harden. I live in NY and am wondering if it is the humidity? Any suggestions as to how we can fix this? We tried doing them in the basement and they look fine then the next morning we go to check them, they fell in the middle.


I will post some of my cupcakes that I have made
smettes4 years ago
You just made my week! I have been in the back kitchen as a reliable helper long enough. My employer God bless her...(really I wish her the best) just gave me 5minutes notice on Friday-never mind two weeks notice! With no savings I will be hard pressed to start out on my own but this will definitely help out. Wish me luck! And thanks for being a dear and responding to your own frustration by giving back. Kudos to you dear! May I do the same....Love the 'recipe'!
shortone (author)  smettes4 years ago
I'm glad I could help out! Are you planning on starting your own cupcake business or something? I wish you all the best. :)
ainman34 years ago
I am currently working on this project. I am using GreatStuff gap filler, I used to other can of it, mine was for 1" and above cracks. I am not sure if this is why my cupcakes were perfect and then sunk in a bit after about 8-10 hours of curing. Either way I have begun painting them and adding the spackle. I am using Dab Fast N. Final Lightweight Spackling, but have realized that 16oz is definitely not enough for the amount of cupcakes that came from the expansion foam. A problem I ran into at my local hardware store, Ace, and Walmart was that they didn't know what expansion foam was, as it's not called that on the cans. But Walmart ended up having both of what I needed and was cheaper. I will come around to posting pictures when they are complete.
The paint that you use matters, I am an artists and happened to have acrylic paint and polymer clay handy but the paint I currently have in stock is kind of cheap and drys weird so therefore makes the spackling drier than I think it normally would be and it also looks cracked. I plan on experimenting a bunch with different techniques and posting them on here for reference. The last cupcake I used I put glitter acrylic paint and it sparkles when dry! Very nice. I also had a little too much fun spraying the expansion foam and didn't listen to the advice of the fact it would grow. 2 hours later my mini cupcakes were big cupcakes. :D more later. Also had a problem when my cupcakes shrunk that the bottom of the cupcake papers crinkled and sucked in a little bit. Weird. :P
shortone (author)  ainman34 years ago
I did try making these in Canada, where I am now going to college, and they do call it Gap Filler there as well. I'm not sure why yours sunk a bit...I think that's the same kind I used. o.O I suppose the climate could always affect it a bit, or something?

Hmm, I use pretty high quality acrylic paint and mix it really well; I find that the more you mix it, the nicer and smoother the frosting goes on. I don't think tempera would work nearly as well (or at all).

And yes, easy to make the mistake of too much expansion foam! Did you weigh down your papers? I find that if I don't put some sort of weights in the bottom (I usually use large washers), they crinkle and distort.

Glad you had fun! :)
stockthomas4 years ago
There is a company that sells spare foam nozzle packs for great stuff foam and others, it's www.xtendafoam.com. I hate it when my project only needs half the can and I have to throw it out, now I just buy the spare nozzle packs. Enjoy!
shortone (author)  stockthomas4 years ago
Thanks for sharing, that would definitely come in handy!
lberg4 years ago
Thanks so much for sharing. Very Cool!
This is totally great and I cannot wait to try it! I make the cutest cupcake stands- and how great to be able to display them in the shop with the fake cupcakes! You are a genius......did you know? :D
Terrific! Thanks for a brilliand Instructable
reembulky4 years ago
I love them ! they r so cute and adorable ..
I made the base with the foam and waiting for it to dry , I have a problem I don't know what spackle is and i live in egypt so im not even sure if ill find it could u please tell me what it is or if there is an alternative..
shortone (author)  reembulky4 years ago
It's used to fill in holes, so it may be labeled as "wall-filler" or something similar. Just make sure to buy the lightest container possible! It may be labelled to be "large gap filler" or something similar. good luck!
yumietreat made it!4 years ago
OK. I got a small batch of the Valentines day ones done and they came out so well that I wanted to share. I also tried some foam conversation hearts that I made filling a container and then cutting the foam after it dried and using a cookie cutter for the shape, They didn't come out the greatest but it was neat to try. Thanks again. :)
The card holders are actually Christmas ornament hooks flipped upside down. I took a knife and sliced a small whole in the top of the cupcake. After frosting them I flipped the hook holder upside down and slid it into the hole and the frosting keeps it in place perfectly. I got the hook holders after Christmas at Home Depot on sale. I will add more images when I finish them completely.
I LOVE THEM. Thanks again
GaryMeow4 years ago
Wow. These are great! I'll make some for my friends' coffee shop :).

About how many cupcakes can I make from one can of expansion foam?
yumietreat made it!4 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I made over 100 for Christmas ornaments for family and I am making Valentines day ones now. I wanted to share my pics from my first two batches. Ill upload the Valentines ones when they are done. Thank you again. I LOVE THEM.
I made some of these as part of a Halloween costume last year, and they turned out great! The only thing was that after a month of their creation the spackling cracked and the "frosting" fell off in chunks :( I was so disappointed! I only have about 2 left out of the 20 I kept for myself.
artfosh0104 years ago
I have a tip! To make expansion foam last more than one use, remove the nozzle, (My Great Stuff Expansion Foam comes with the straw like nozzle thing for application) put the cap on Immediately, and pour Acetone through the straw nozzle to clear it up for another use.
seriously, a great idea. Definitely will do next time! Save myself some money lo :Pl
dirtybirdie made it!4 years ago
I LOVE this instructable! I had so much fun making them. My best friend lives in California and is an aspiring pastry chef and wants to open up her own business called "chubby cupcakes" she is going to love these.
shortone (author)  dirtybirdie4 years ago
They look great! :)
thank you!!! :D
kewlkiwi4 years ago
Love this idea!
I make cup-cakes stands and I'm always getting asked "How many cakes will fit on stand [ x ] " Since I'm not a cook, and can't eat cupcakes anyway, I have to reply: 'Don't know!' or 'Ask someone who's bought one of my stands' - not very satisfactory answers...

But now, I can make some real-looking cakes, which will also improve the photos of my stands too.
Thank you for the clever ideas in your 'ibble!
shortone (author)  kewlkiwi4 years ago
glad it helped. :)
Neon Panda4 years ago
I'm going to make this after Christmas! :D just what i need! Im redecorating my room into a kawaii theme. :D
jnifrwebb4 years ago
Love this. I want to do this so bad. Def. adding to my favs so when I can get supplies I will have it.
MelsBrushes4 years ago
For UK people who can't get 'spackle' - I used this ligthweight filler from Wilkinsons and its perfect. you can mix it with water so it pipes just right. In fact you can get all the ingredients from Wilko (omg i sound like i work for them - i dont!)
This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I was a little nervous to use the foam stuff (toxicity and all) but I guess it will be ok. I'm doing a Candyland birthday/Christmas so this will go great on my tree. I will be putting up an instructable on how to make fake cotton candy and peppermint candy decorations. Thanks so much.

Any suggestions/ideas if I want to make them super sized? Not sure what to use as the "cupcake paper". Thanks again.
shortone (author)  nalaqueenofthejungle4 years ago
Ooh, post a link for the other decorations! I'd love to see them! :)

If you're nervous about toxicity, just do it somewhere with good ventilation and wear a mask and goggles. I didn't experience many fumes with it at all.
what about coffee filters for super sized?
lyllye4 years ago
Just a warning...I used this stuff to seal up some holes at my parents home once...and I'm not sure how I managed to do it but some how got it on my contact lenses...not sure if it was in the air or I rubbed my eye...you couldn't see it on the lense but almost immediately they started irritating my eye...I wound up at my doctor and they could see it on the lense under a scope...but it drys so hard and adheres like mad to whatever it is put on so they couldn't get it off the lenses and I had to purchase new lenses...I would suggest goggles as a precautionary measure
shortone (author)  lyllye4 years ago
that may be a good idea. This stuff is STICKY. I didn't have any trouble controlling it or having it splatter, but that may depend on the brand or how close to the bottom of the can you are. thanks for the tip!
MelsBrushes4 years ago
Thanks so much for this recipe. i made some last night. good fun! Here's my pics http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=50908&id=110947465588151
I made 40 mini ones and plan on stringing them all up like garland.
Awesome! I found that if I cut out a circle from cardboard and glued it to the bottom of the cupcake paper before filling with foam it made it sturdier. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the instructions.
Many of your photos are not showing up. I can't figure out where to put the frosting tip. Can you please tell me. They look marvelous
shortone (author)  porcupinemamma5 years ago
hmmm, that's weird! Use the frosting tip just as you would on a regular cupcake. Use a pastry bag or an icing bag and attach it however you're supposed to with your tip (some pastry bags have a weird system-I just cut a small hole in the corner and slide my tip down into it.) Then, beginning at the outside of the cupcake, frost it in a spiral inwards. Just imagine you're frosting a real cupcake-it's very similar. Good luck! :D
I recently saw something similar at a Craft show...
The lady had slit holes in the tops, i'm assuming before baking, and she had inserted the lovely rings she had made into the slots.  Voila, instant ring displays.
(and, silly me, I crossed the room to get there, they looked so real, I thought to myself, jewellery & cupcakes, how can I lose???)  :))
Very cool!
Kryptonite5 years ago
I love the texture of the icing! Awesome job!
nananess5 years ago
These are delicious looking! I'm hungry now!!! :D
Alyakpink5 years ago
Nice job!! I thought the nuts were real at first, and i would have eaten them if you didn't say!!! :-)
shortone (author)  Alyakpink5 years ago
lol thanks! They were actually probably the easiest to make
This is Pure win! (made me very hungry though..........) What do you get the girl who has everything........cupcake photo holder!
shortone (author)  icecreamterror5 years ago
thanks! these are dangerous around my house though; people tend to want to eat them...
Ieatbabiez5 years ago
I LOVE these! I'll have to go out and make some! I'll probably end up hanging them from my ceiling much like you did. Thank you so much for this instructable!♥♥♥ :D
shortone (author)  Ieatbabiez5 years ago
haha you're welcome. have fun! oh, and a tip: have some sugary stuff around for YOU because making fake cupcakes will probably make you crave sugar, if you're anything like me ;)
Yea...I'm a freak when it comes to sugary stuff. xD
willow33106 years ago
Oh I think I am gonna have to do some of these cupcakes to add bunches of color to my gingerbread themed (gonna be a swwets theme) christmas tree! Thank you for the great instructions!
goatgirly6 years ago
could you put them outside? Think about it: hot pink cupcakes hanging from trees!
What a neat idea. I wonder if a few coats of clear coat varnish might do the trick?
shortone (author)  porcupinemamma6 years ago
well it's worth a try! Although spackle does dissolve pretty easily...you'd have to put a LOT of varnish on.
shortone (author)  goatgirly6 years ago
Wow this got popular all of a sudden! Milleyboo07, awesome job and thanks for sharing! goatgirly: I wouldn't recommend putting them outside...I would think the spackle would probably eventually melt, but hey I've never tried it...if you try it and they hold up during a rainstorm, post!
Thanks so much for these perfect instructions. I now have to see if I can find the equivalent products here- (I live in South Africa) - I'm sure I will- we just call everything here by different names here. I wanted to use Plaster of Paris to make cupcakes, but was worried about them being too heavy - especially for hanging ornaments. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge!!!
shortone (author)  veronica hurly6 years ago
I bet you could make plaster of paris cupcakes if you first filled most of the cupcake tin with styrofoam bits or vermiculite-that would make the cupcakes much lighter. Then just fill in the empty spaces with the plaster. If you CAN find expansion foam, it is EXTREMELY lightweight and would be great for hanging ornments. :D If you use them for card holders, however, be sure to put some weight in the bottom or else they tip over a lot... have fun!
veronica hurly made it! shortone6 years ago
Oh my did I have fun on Friday afternoon!!! I made cupcakes! I used Plaster of Paris in the end for the cakes then the icing I used some crack filler paste (dry powder that you mix with water) I coloured the 'icing' with acrylic paint. I still need more pracise getting them to look at edibly real as yours, but I just wanted to try the method. I used a silicone baking mould for the cake part, then iced them with an icing syringe with a nozzle - much like you did. This week I'm off to buy clay to try creating decorations like yours (which are so inspiring , by the way!) Here's a photo of how my mini cupcakes turned out.
Did you fill the silicone "muffin paper" with plaster and then peel off the mold?
What did you use for the red balls on your "cup cakes"? They look very pretty.
You made me hungry D:
shortone (author)  veronica hurly6 years ago
Oh, they look great! The frosting might actually look more realistic than mine-mine are too "perfect"-the frosting has such sharp edges. These look like real frosting! They look great (nice stand too) hope you had fun! Oh, and be sure to show a pic of the ones with the clay decorations!
What a great idea! Very whimsical-lots of fun. thanks for sharing.
goatgirly6 years ago
Ha Ha! there are strings attached if you are hanging them from the ceiling! very cool. love them and love the random dreams.
dutchy36 years ago
I adore them. And Veronica you did a wonderful job, esp. for a first time, lol. Will have to try this one day :)
octochan6 years ago
I saw cupcakes somewhere that were iced with caulk! I haven't tried it myself, but you could probably cut the caulk tube tip to be like your fancy icing tips.
t_barbee made it!6 years ago
Hello I am in cup cake heaven... Mine are not perfect but I'm going to work to make them better.. I love your cup cakes... Here is a picture of mine...
shortone (author)  t_barbee6 years ago
oooh love them! One tip: to make the frosting look more like buttercream and not quite so white, mix in a tiny amount of yellow paint. :D but they look lovely :D
kftrouble6 years ago
what did you use for the jimmies & sprinkles? Email me kftrouble@aol.com
shortone (author) 6 years ago
Thanks for the compliments! :D I will try to find time to make a banana tutoial but it wont be coming too soon...I'm traveling. The confetti sprinkles were easy: just roll small balls of colorful clay about the size of a pinhead, maybe a little smaller. Then roll them out like a "snake" to make a sprinkle!
PiNKiSH6 years ago
can u do an instructional video on how to make the bananas? i know what millifiori is but its hard to understand your instructions...how did you make the confetti sprinkles...thank you sooo much for posting xoxo
FANTASTIC! The most realistic ones we can make at home I've seen yet - thanks very much for sharing this...
PiNKiSH6 years ago
you are a GEM for posting these instructions...I was sooo frustrated with people and their "TOP SECRET" recipes...sooo annoying....thank you thank you thank you! very very thorough...cant wait to get started xoxo
onebuzybeee made it!6 years ago
I made some fake cupcakes. That look like the real ones I make. I need them as displays at the farmers market, since the real ones don't last very long. Your instructions were easy and very detailed. Thank you so much!
cupcakes2 (36).jpgcupcakes2 (38).jpgcupcakes2 (39).jpgcupcakes2 (40).jpg
shortone (author)  onebuzybeee6 years ago
you're welcome! they look great :D
sadistkitti6 years ago
The expansion foam looks like meringue before it's evened out. I need to figure out how to make fake Baked Alaska That'd be neat.
shortone (author)  sadistkitti6 years ago
Yeah it would! Or meringue pie... I just don't know how you would keep it from evening out... let me know if you figure it out. oh, and airbrushing it a little would add the great toasted shadows!
gluless6 years ago
Omg...I just became a member and saw your butterflies and checked out these..this is EXACTLY what I've been wanting to find--something fun to do with that spray insulating foam!!! Love that stuff!!! Thank you for a great instructable!
shortone (author)  gluless6 years ago
You're welcome! I'm glad you like them. They're pretty fun to make...pretty messy though, haha. Did you like the butterflies?
i'm going to the hardware store asap to get supplies for these... hooray!
ammazur6 years ago
Those turned out really nice!
jeff-o6 years ago
So these toppings are all made of polymer clay?? Nice!
shortone (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
yep...all polymer clay. they were pretty easy to make, just time-consuming
how did you make those bananas?
shortone (author)  watermelonhead6 years ago
ok...this is going to soumd complicated. If you have ever heard of millefiori, i used that technique. pretty much, i started with a small-ish roll of brown.Then, I wrapped a layer of banana yellow around it and rolled it out. Then i cut it into about 5 segments, and rolled those together. I cut that into about 5 segments and rolled them together again. Then, I wrapped the whole log thing in a thick layer of light banana yellow, and then another layer of even lighter banana yellow. then I rolled it out to the diameter I wanted and sliced it. A much simpler way, however, would be to make sliced banana-sized chunks of light yellow, and then indent them a bit in the middle and put tiny "spokes" radiating out...look at a real banana. Then, after baking, use a tiny paintbrush or a toothpic to add the seeds with brown acrylic paint. hope that helped...
shortone (author) 6 years ago
TIPS!! ok, so i have done a little experimenting, and have come up with some tips: do NOT mix with white glue! it ends up really really weird and stringy..and doesn't work (i am talking about the spackle) also, when you are making the cupcakes, holding the expansion foam bottle completely vertical helps to get a more even cake
esobeso98986 years ago
aproximately how many cupcakes can i get with one bottle of expansion foam? thanks :)
hahaha thanks! omg poor of your acquaintance's car ... :p
well, I was able to cover the engine compartment of an old friend...acquaintance's car with expanding foam by putting the bottle in there, jabbing a hole in the can and closing the hood... oh, anyway, back on track... I'd imagine you'd be able to cover a 4x4 wall with a 2" layer of foam (about the thickness of a cupcake) so just imagine a 4'x4' wall covered in cupcakes...
thanks ;)
shortone (author)  esobeso98986 years ago
hmm thats a tough one...i managed to make a LOT. about 50ish normal-sized and 40-ish mini ones...but i cant use them all because some of them are pretty deformed....alien cupcakes maybe. it took me a little while to get the hang of how to make them just right!
kiwi206 years ago
heh heh cup fakes.........
1234566 years ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR AMAZING TUTORIAL! do you also craft fake cakes and sweet treats? if so, would you mind showing us how? i look foward to hearing from you! thanks again :)
shortone (author)  1234566 years ago
this is actually my first try at fake food (except for polymer clay jewelry) so i haven't really experimented with other fake foods much...but I want to!!! as soon as i get the hang of other sweets i'll be sure to post an instructable on them...but that might be a while. :D any suggestions?
1234566 years ago
THANK YOU SO MUCH for your AMAZING tutorial! do you also craft fake cakes or sweet treats? hope you can show us if you do. i look forward to hearing from you soon! thanks again :)
klynslis6 years ago
Great instructable! These are too cute for words. You've made so many that I'm envisioning a Christmas tree decorated entirely in foam cupcakes. Deliciously adorable!
shortone (author)  klynslis6 years ago
oooh that would be amazing! I want to paint a branch white and hang mini cupcakes from it and attach it to my wall...cupcake tree! :D but that sure would be a fun and sweet christmas tree idea! or great party favors for a christmas bday (like i have)
sayako6 years ago
Wow, they must be fun to make. I would do that, but i don;t like cupcakes.
hernanai6 years ago
Thanks... now I'm dying for a polymer cupcake... if only it we edible... nom nom nom
Browncoat6 years ago
Just looked at buying stuff like this on ebay. Gonna have to give it a try now! I only hope mine turn out close to as awesome as yours!! :)
shortone (author)  Browncoat6 years ago
well this was my first shot at it, so it obviously shouldn't be that hard :P so just out of curiosity, how much do they sell for on ebay? I'm hoping to sell some as card holders at a craft fair so yeah...i'm not sure how much to charge.
PKTraceur6 years ago
*drool, gurgle, drool*

Hu-Huh? Oh sorry... i hope saliva doesnt ruin these! Too real. Youre sure these arent real?
jeff-o6 years ago
They look good enough to eat! (Sorry, someone had to say it). Now, how can I use these to take over the world?
shortone (author)  jeff-o6 years ago
Hmmm not sure about that. (the taking over the world part) but i definately wouldn't suggest feeding these to your troops...
canida6 years ago
Wow, those are incredible!
finfan76 years ago
Whoa those look far too edible at almost every part of the process. You did an insanely good job painting the cake bases. Excelllent Instructable.
These are just plain super cute! Now you are making me think of making some. Yummy! Can you please post how you did the "toppings"? I am so totally clueless., and the proportions of the water-based varnish to the acrylic paint? Thanks hon.
shortone (author)  digital_pinay6 years ago
the toppings, i just used plain old polymer clay. I formed it into the shapes i wanted, in the colors i wanted. For example, for the disc-shaped sprinkles i rolled small balls of various pastel colors and flattened them with my thumb and forefinger. hint: use a little bit of corn starch to keep the clay from sticking to your fingers or work surface! Then, I baked all of the clay creations at 275 degrees F for about 20 min (don't bake at any higher temp or you could burn them and they could release harmful vapors into the air) Then, after letting them cool a bit, I added acrylic paint to some of them (the bananas and peppermint candies) I then used water-based (no oil-based!!!) varnish to coat the outsides to make them shiny! :) I left some, such as the flat sprinkles, without varnish because they aren't shiny in "real life". and that's all there is to it! hope it helps. You can get polymer clay and the water-based varnish at many craft stores (i got mine at Joanne's) Let me know if you have any more questions. :)
Pyrocantha6 years ago
That is Insanely Cool! The frosting begs to be swiped off and eaten...good thing they don't smell yummy or it could get really busy at the ER!
shortone (author)  Pyrocantha6 years ago
haha yeah...i don't know what expansion foam and spackle would do to you, but i don't think it would be pretty!
Plasmana6 years ago
Some of the toppings are edible!
shortone (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
no they aren't!! They are all made from polymer clay...promise. (well, glitter too) Thanks for the compliments...again, please post any cool ideas you have everybody!
Sorry, they are just too realistic... Great instructable! 5 stars!
shortone (author)  Plasmana6 years ago
haha thanks
Your welcome
CarpetGnome6 years ago
Awesome idea, great Instructable. A++
DIYDragon6 years ago
hehe I love great stuff! It's right up there with duct tape on the DIY-ers best friend meter. Cool project - I think you inspired me for my Christmas project. :D
andrea07016 years ago
these are so totally cool!!