Step 5: Now for the frosting

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Protect your area: put newspapers down! (this step is also messy) You will probably also want to wear old clothes, although gloves aren't neccesary in this step. Get all your materials set out before you begin because you will want to move quickly: bowl, spoon, spackle (and maybe a screwdriver to get it open with!), pastry bag (here I am using a nifty plastic pastry thingy, which broke halfway through and I moved back to the bag), acrylic paints, and pastry tip, along with your cakes and toppings and wire things. To make the frosting, put a dollop of lightweight spackle in your bowl and add a bit of acrylic paint to tint it (unless you want plain white frosting...) To make a delicious buttercream, add just a bit of yellow. Then, mix it up with your eggbeater until everything is well combined and it looks like frosting. then, spoon some into your pastry bag with tip attached and start squeezing it out on your cupcakes...you will probably want to experiment a little first. This mixture behaves a lot like frosting except it is frothier so it is fairly easy to work with. After putting frosting on, add your topping of choice and stick your metal hanger or card holder in the top (don't worry-the spackle is pretty hard when it dries!)
I apologize for not taking very many pictures at this step...I had to move fast and by the time I was done I was covered in fake frosting!
tom.thelen.717 months ago

My daughter bought one of these at Bronners, now we will make our own. They are soo cool

gostlady63 years ago
Thank you soooooo much. I tried your cupcakes today. I wish I had taken pictures they were so funny. I thought they had grown all they would but I was wrong. I have huge cupcakes. I did though put plaster in the bottom of the cups for weight (worked really well) It just takes a little. Now I need to frost them. Again thanks for your help.
TheMrs3 years ago
I have looked high and low for instructions to make these!! I can't thank you enough! Each year, my kids and I make the ornaments for our Christmas tree. After New Year's, I allow them to each keep one and we toss the rest (yes, I am a lazy Mom hehe). This year, however I think we may decide to keep them all! Again, thank you!! We are making these as I type!
shortone (author)  TheMrs3 years ago
That's why I posted this-instructions for this technique are quite elusive ;) I'm glad you like it so much, and Merry Christmas!
vstarr13 years ago
How long do these take to dry?
Shaungrl3 years ago
Never thought of making small ones. Thanks for the instructions, now I need to make the 'real' size. LOL

I made HUGE ones, for the city where I work, using pleated lampshades as the 'paper'. If you use newspaper/some kind of filler for the larger version you can save LOTS of expand foam, which starts getting expensive quickly in large quanities. Add the foam in layers and allow to dry between layers. Also brown silicone works WONDERS as chocolate icing. And a red Christmas ornament makes for a yummy cherry; if you plop it in before the foam drys, it sticks. Hint: hanger side down into the foam.
Awesome! I found that if I cut out a circle from cardboard and glued it to the bottom of the cupcake paper before filling with foam it made it sturdier. Just a suggestion. Thanks for the instructions.